Tuesday, April 18, 2017

The Vivo V5Plus Limited Edition - Celebration of 10 glorious years of IPL in India

Cricket as a sport is dear to every Indian's heart and I am pretty sure that even though you may not be an avid follower of cricket, you have definitely watched at least one India-Pakistan match with enthusiasm. The world of cricket has seen great evolution, with the IPL being one of the unique concepts, especially for those who are mad about cricket. Time has flown and it has been 10 glorious years since the IPL began, and even now the excitement and eagerness for the next season is the same each year. To celebrate the 10th year of IPL, Vivo has launched the Vivo V5Plus in a limited edition, that has the VIVOIPL logo engraved on the back. A matte finish black Vivo V5Plus with the logo engraved in golden color looks extremely chic and classy.

Monday, April 17, 2017

The Power of Gold - VLCC Insta Glow Gold Bleach! #InstaGlow

Gold is a precious metal that each and every person aspires to own as jewellery or gold bars, but not many of us know the skin benefits of the same. In ancient times, gold was used for skin care and skin treatments. The Romans used gold preparations for the treating skin lesions and sores. The Chinese believed that gold was the secret to having youthful skin. Japanese declared a gold leaf facial treatment that would help the skin rejuvenate and reduce the wrinkles. Cleopatra, the famous Egyptian queen, who was known to be the most beautiful woman in the world in ancient times, was known to sleep with a gold face mask every night to enhance her complexion. So it is but natural, that with such history of gold being used for beauty treatments, today's skin products and treatments will obviously make use of gold in it to give us results.

Sunday, April 16, 2017

My Authentic Thai Food Experience at ‘Songkran Festival’ at Renaissance Mumbai

When it comes to food that I have eaten on my travels, my Thailand trips will rank as some of the top ones on my 'foodilicious' list. Thai food is one of my favourite cuisines and I find it really exotic. The contrast of flavours is what intrigues me the most - sweet, spicy, hot, sour and rich along with the awesome fragrant smells of the dishes. Yum! Well this is exactly why the invitation to celebrate the ‘Songkran Festival’ - the Traditional Thai New Year at Renaissance Mumbai got an instant yes from me. Chef Cham Hun and his team of culinary experts first showcased a few of his signature recipes at a Masterclass in association with Godrej Natuure's Basket, and then they hosted us for a scrumptious Thai dinner.

Thursday, April 13, 2017

Scuba Diving in the Andamans at Havelock Island - Dream Come True!

Ri(t)ch Styles Travels Scuba Diving Andamans Havelock Island

Scuba Diving at Havelock Island, Andaman was one of the most surreal experiences of my life! Quite proud of myself to have beaten my fear of the deep sea and done this for myself! My partner in crime was my younger brother, who motivates me to try out all these challenges along with him, and I am so thankful for that. The sounds you hear in the sea are just like what you can hear in the video below and I felt like I was in a dream!

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Quick DIY Hairstyle Video Tutorial with EIMI!

DIY Hairstyle Tutorial Using EIMI Products

Wella Professionals has been known for the quality of its products and how amazing the effects are, so converting me to a hair styling enthusiast with their EIMI range was piece of cake for them. I was introduced to the EIMI range by Patrick Cameron, Wella's Global Ambassador and star hairstylist a couple of months ago and I saw him create magic with the products, and from then on there has been no looking back for me. A few months back, you must have read my post on the entire EIMI range that also had reviews on the 3 hero products of EIMI. Taking it further from there is my first hair tutorial video on my YouTube channel with those 3 hero products of EIMI and I am super excited about it!

Friday, March 31, 2017

Summer Clothing Tips for Toddlers to Beat the Heat!

Ri(t)ch Styles Bumchums Kidswear Summer Tips

As the summer has started to set in, dressing Aryaa up has become tricky business, because she as most kids just can't bear the heat! 40 degrees in March itself is a terrible thing to face, and when I can't bear it being an adult, imagine how much worse our little ones must be feeling. This year with summer setting in early, we need to start prepping up in advance too. When it comes to dressing up our toddlers, here are a few simple tips that you can keep in mind to help them beat the soaring mercury!

Thursday, March 30, 2017

5 Amazing Ideas For My Dream Home!

Ri(t)ch Styles Casa Grande Amazing Ideas for my Dream Home

Everyone has their own version of a dream home. Some would love to live in a luxurious apartment, some would want a row house and some would like to have a villa. Mine would be a modern villa by the beach or really close to the sea! Well not just that, my dream home will have my home design fantasies come to life as much as possible. My fantasies are inspired by what I see on my travels, in movies, in books and of course on the internet, especially Pinterest. I have putting together my ideas and documenting them for a while now, so that when I finally have the resources to have my dream home, it is nothing less than perfect!

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

The VLCC Coolsculpt! #VLCCStyleStatements

Ri(t)ch Styles VLCC Coolsculpt Weight Loss Fat Loss

A woman goes through a lot in her life, be it pregnancy or hormonal changes with changing age, that make us put on weight. Due to the constant pressure of being on top of things at home and office, we are more than often left with no time for ourselves, especially during those years when you have a baby or small child at home. Sadly, exercise and hitting the gym is not a privilege a lot of us get and eventually the fat cells stay in our body and we develop bulging tummies and love-handles that don't look good at all. Becoming a mommy is one of the busiest jobs in the world as you are constantly running behind the kids to feed them, clean them, play with them and help them learn new stuff. Before Aryaa was born I would regularly go to the gym to be in shape, but after her birth, my days are spent in working and spending time with her and I am left with no time to go to the gym. I did join martial arts classes a few months back, but couldn't continue going to the class because of time constraints.

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

My Hair Care Routine for Fine Hair

Ri(t)ch Styles Hair care routine for Fine Hair

Whether it’s spring, summer, fall or winter, a consistent daily hair care routine for your hair type is always a must. Most of you ask me how I maintain my hair and how it looks so healthy and shiny all the time. So here is my hair care routine that works for me, and I'm sure it will help make your fine hair look fuller, thicker, and healthier-looking too!

Monday, March 27, 2017

Your Farm to Fork Heaven - The Saboro Lounge By Mahindra

Ri(t)ch Styles Mahindra Saboro Lounge Healthy Lifestyle #HealthyIndulgence India

I believe in the power of food grown locally and the farm to fork concept. Farmers markets though rare in Mumbai, help me satiate that craving of getting not only fresher and more seasonal produce but also more nutrients in my food, due to the shorter time between harvest time and my table. It also helps the local farmers to put back into their business and maintain the farmland and green spaces around the region. Not to mention the benefits of a shorter food supply source - less contamination, less chemical preservatives and at times better pricing. Now while this farm to fork concept is what I indulge in for home food, the existence of restaurants and cafes promoting this concept is a rarity. Talking about rarity, the players are few but I am glad to see homegrown companies like the Mahindra Group take up the initiative to bring such concepts to the market. As an extension of their Agri business, they launched their first Saboro Lounge in Mumbai last year that serves innovative fresh food designed in partnership with leading chefs and nutritionists, prepared using the freshest fruits, vegetables and dairy-based products, procured directly from farmers and brought to your table, so that your experience involves indulgence without compromising on the health factor.

Friday, March 24, 2017

Your Child's Essential Shield This Summer - The Baby Sebamed pH 5.5 SPF 50 Sun Lotion

Summer is already here! I mean I felt like it was summer in Mumbai right in the middle of February itself with temperatures hitting 38 degrees. Google also proves this to me every morning when it sends me messages not to step out as the UV rays are too strong. Things change with time, but who knew that with time the world would become a hotter place to live in! Well the issue of global warming is affecting us since a few years now, but instead of taking measures to slow it down, our country leaders continue to make developmental plans, which to fulfill, they do not mind chopping off humongous amounts of trees and mangroves that reduce atmospheric Carbon dioxide and prevent larger amounts of greenhouse gases from reaching the atmosphere. I remember when I was a kid, summer vacations would be the best part of the year because we would visit our native towns and play in the sun all day. In my childhood days, I never had a sun stroke or used any kind of sunscreen to stay safe from the sun because in those years, the UV rays weren't able to reach us that easily and there also were enough trees to protect us and reduce the atmospheric heat, but today that is not the case. Now we have this constant confusion on how to save ourselves from the heat and what to use to save our skin from the harmful rays of the sun.

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Wedding Season Diaries : The Banarasi Lehenga

When Sabyasachi Mukherjee launched his ‘Banarasi Bride’ collection in 2015, I was so in awe that I immediately decided that my next lehenga would be a Banrasi one! Come December, my cousin was getting married and so I got the perfect chance to get this beautiful pink, gold and blue rich Banarasi lehenga made for myself.

Monday, March 20, 2017

Preventive Maintenance is Essential for a Healthy Society

With the growing population in the country, the need for homes has also increased over a period of time. The growing demand however needs to be matched up with as much awareness about various things that should be kept in mind before buying a house. I remember when I was on the lookout to move into a bigger house, my father and husband were making sure to inquire about various things related to the age of the building, the waterproofing plans, time intervals in between structural repairs and what systems and processes the society is following in terms of drainage, cleanliness and maintenance. Knowing all these things about the society was important so that we could make the right decision, as I totally believe that preventive maintenance is essential for the existence of a healthy society.

Thursday, March 16, 2017

A Newfound Freedom with the All New Whisper Ultra Soft!

Well that is a true picture of me on my period, and enjoying a bike ride! Not taken just to pose but to actually demonstrate how comfortable and practically non existent the newly launched Whisper Ultra Soft sanitary napkin feels! Thanks to the cute hamper that Whisper sent across to me before the launch event, I actually could try it out before the launch and vouch for everything that was revealed about the pad at the event.

Saturday, March 11, 2017

Vaya Tyffyn - Your stylish lunch companion

Despite being a foodie, I always have advocated the benefits of eating home cooked meals rather than eating out, especially because they are complete meals in terms of nutrition and quantum. During my office days, whether before or after marriage, I would carry my lunch box from home but would land up eating cold food for lunch. Not because my office did not have a microwave, but because I do not like to use a microwave regularly as radiation can be harmful to one's health. I detested the cold food, but the health benefits kept me going. After marriage I made sure PS too would take home cooked food for lunch at work and not hog on junk everyday. However he is very particular about eating hot food and being an auditor, he didn't always get to heat his food at different client offices. So eventually he stopped taking lunch from home because he was not comfortable eating cold food as it would take away the taste that he could have relished if it was hot. Being a part of the technology driven generation, I am so happy to have now found a solution to that problem for him. The answer to my prayers comes in the form of this new age lunch box called the Vaya Tyffyn which has the technology to keep your meal warm for 5-6 hours.

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Going Balayage with Schwarzkopf!

Valentine's Day this year was extra special, as Schwarzkopf Professional India planned a Valentine's Day special date with my hair to shower it with some TLC, and you guys can guess after having known me for so long, that I would have opted for pampering my hair with some fresh hair colour, cause there is nothing more that I and my hair love, than some fresh colour and a new look!

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Serv'd - Going Cashless With Your Domestic Help

Technology is slowly but steadily taking over most of the work that humans do manually and it's not funny how with just a few clicks on our smartphones we run major parts of our lives. I was born in the times when mobile phones never existed and I have witnessed to the entire change, from landlines in the house to mobile technology, to the smartphone technology that has now become so necessary to cater to our needs, that we feel helpless if we are asked to live without it even for a day. India alongside has also progressed and uplifted the society norms, but something that is yet unchanged is the need for a maid in every Indian household.

Thursday, February 16, 2017

My favourite moments from Valentine's Day!

Love is not about that one day in the year and one person only, it is about daily acts of caring, sharing and warmth with people that matter to you. Hence I do not believe in the commercial concept of Valentine’s Day, but the actual concept that it is the day of love. So while PS and I don't need that one day in a year to display our affection for each other for everyone to see, it is a day that we try to spend quality time together as a family and with people that we love. Aryaa has become a part of our lives for the last couple of years and in our own ways we are trying to get her to understand what love's all about!

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Guest Post : Valentine's Cake Baking!

Sunday morning when I woke up and switched on my phone, I was greeted by the most beautiful and yummy looking Valentine's cake on Facebook. I follow a lot of cooking pages, so for a minute, I thought it was a picture from one of those until I saw that one of my cousins had actually baked that gorgeous looking cake and documented all the steps. Knowing that it had to be shared with you guys, I pinged her the next moment to share the recipe with me so that I could share it on the blog, and she instantly obliged. She has done a wonderful job on her first blog post, pictures and all and I am thrilled to be sharing Ashmita's Valentine's cake recipe with you guys.

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Wedding Season Diaries : The Gown Lehenga

The lehenga is an irreplaceable part of any Indian wedding. I can't survive any wedding without donning one. Over the years I have experimented with different styles and the variation I am currently loving is the Gown Lehenga. The Gown Lehenga is a trendy variation of the traditional lehenga where the short choli has been replaced by a long kalidar kurta. I think it looks pretty and is the perfect combination of Indian and Western aesthetics. 

Saturday, February 4, 2017

Capturing the spirit of Republic Day!

I remember my school days when I would be part of the march past squad for Republic day and Independence day. On those two days, we would have the flag hoisting session, where we would wear the Indian flag instead of our badges and salute the flag by singing the national anthem. History books were always there to tell us about the freedom struggle that India as a nation faced to acquire the Independence from the British, and how Republic Day is a tribute to the date on which the Constitution of India came into effect as the governing document of India. It was always a proud moment to salute the Indian flag and be a part of the parade at school and those memories are priceless. The euphoria of these days seem to have reduced somehow and it is difficult to spot as many celebrations and similar enthusiasm as I used to see as a kid. One really has to look out for any parades or flag hoisting or even find stalls or sellers with flags and other trinkets. With Aryaa now growing up, I want to pass on the stories and learning to her, and I want to make sure that she does her bit for the nation even though it may be on a smaller scale. Now that she is communicating clearer and understanding most of the things we tell her, PS and I decided to step out on Republic Day and put in efforts to locate whatever that we could, so that she could start to experience the magic of what we did as kids.

Sunday, January 29, 2017

Andaman Style Diaries: Trouble Maker!

My Andaman trip got a fabulous response all over social media with everyone getting super jealous ;-) I know now that a lot of you are going to be planning trips to a place which did not ever figure your bucket list, thanks to my updates on the beauty of the Andaman islands, the history, and the activities that you can do there other than chilling on the beaches. I have some good news for you though - I am going to be documenting the trip on the blog in detail, so get ready to be seeing a lot more than what you already have. Outfit posts, my itinerary and a lot on the fun activities that I engaged in. Starting with an outfit post, it was just a strange coincidence that I landed up wearing my Trouble Maker top to Cellular Jail at Port Blair. I kinda found the connect cute ;-)

Friday, January 27, 2017

The Best Luxury Hotels in Bangalore

Last year I made a trip to Bangalore after a good number of years and was surprised to notice a vast change in the hospitality offerings. Luxury hotels had sprung up in every nook and corner. It was no more just about business and budget hotels with a few luxury hotels which only the uber-rich could afford. I did check out a few hotels though while I was there, and then with further inputs of friends in Bangalore, I zeroed down on a list of the 'Best Luxury Hotels' in Bangalore. The hotels below are definitely on my recommended list and I'll tell you why they should be on yours as well. 

Thursday, January 26, 2017

Subscribe to the Ri(t)ch Styles Newsletter!

If you guys follow me closely on social media then you know that the Ri(t)ch Styles newsletter was launched last year in May as I had announced it all over social media. Somehow I don't know why, the news never made it to the blog. So finally today it does - better late than never! :-)

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

My 5 Favourite Lip Balms For Winter!

Winters are the worst time of the year for our skin, as the temperature and the weather conditions take a toll on it. Our lips are one of the worst hit as chapped lips become a constant this season. That is because our lips do not have oil glands and hence soothing lips balms at hand are a must. This post tells you all about some really good lip balms that I have used to keep my lips smooth, nourished and moisturized, and they come in all sorts of budgets!

Monday, January 23, 2017

Do Not Disturb - A Preventive Shield For Our Kids!

Thanks to our tropical climate, India is a breeding ground for mosquitoes that cause diseases like Chikungunya, Malaria, and Dengue. While products to protect us from mosquitoes have been available for ages, their effectiveness has become a question mark with the number of cases getting affected by these diseases. Dengue has become commonplace now and the Zika scare has raised a lot more concerns. The need for more advanced products has become of paramount importance especially those that are handy, easy to use and affordable. Not to forget, safe to use especially with kids in the house. Keeping all this in mind and being a mother, it becomes very important for me to choose products that are child friendly along with being a lot more advantageous to the consumer, as compared to existing products in the market.

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Wedding Season Diaries : Flaunt A Saree

The wedding season is back, and for the first time on the blog I have a series of outfit posts coming up to show you what I have been wearing to different weddings over the last one year. The roundup is of my favourite ones and you will have seen them on social media in bits in pieces, but now I will be sharing all of them with you through individual posts. I am starting with something that is timeless and I love wearing - the Saree! It's graceful, it's elegant and it makes a woman look absolutely beautiful. For me the classic style is my go to style but in terms of materials and embroideries, I do pick up quite a variety. Weddings call for bright colours with intricate embellished work and some bling, and that is what I have in mind while picking up my sarees or getting them made. The look here is from the Sangeet ceremony of a family wedding.

Friday, January 6, 2017

Godrej Aer Twist - A Happy Car Story!

I am sure we all love walking into a nice smelling space. In fact it does enhance our moods in most cases and on stressful or bad days especially, it definitely makes a huge difference. So since I can forever remember, I have been using different ways to keep my spaces be it home or office smelling good using air fresheners, candles, potpourri, scented aromatherapy oils and sprays. However I never used car air fresheners till 2 years ago because I loved rolling down my windows and taking in a bit of fresh air, where ever possible that is in a city like Mumbai ;-). My actual need has only come about lately after Aryaa's birth, for 2 reasons - one that we don't really roll down the windows anymore and two because Aryaa likes eating in the car while watching the world outside from the window. While we do clean up, there have been times when we have opened the car the next day and there is an unpleasant odour, which would just spoil everyone's mood. That was when I started using car fresheners. After having tried, tested and discarded various brands, I eventually got my hands on the new Godrej Aer Twist - Car Freshener in the variant Cool Surf Blue that not only smells great but also looks good!


Thursday, January 5, 2017

Happy Birthday Deepika Padukone! Her most stunning looks from 2016!

It's Deepika's birthday today, and this stunner is only getting more and more gorgeous with age. She has slayed the red carpets with oomph and I love her personal style too. Today on her birthday, I have zeroed down on my favourite looks of hers from the past one year, and trust me it has been a tough tough task!

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Cheers To A Blessed 2017!

Popped the bubbly, clinked the glasses and raised a toast! Mainly got set to do new things and correct what I didn't get right last year! Thankful to be part of a new year, and for family and friends and a life that I am blessed with! Cheers to a great 2017 for all of you!

Happy New Year Everyone!

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