Friday, December 24, 2010

Tip of the Day! - Shorty wanna look taller?

Wanting to be taller is what a lot of us SHORT ones wish for and what comes to our rescue is heels :) But other than shoes helping us look and feel taller (which at times give me horrible aches), clothes worn the right way can also give the illusion of being taller. Let me tell you how:
  • High wasted pants whether trousers or jeans makes your legs look longer. Same is the case with high waist skirts which are max up to the knees. They instantly seem to add height. But make sure you wear them with heels.
  • Choose outfits with vertical stripes. Whether it is pants, skirts, dresses or suits, vertical stripes elongate the body along with giving you a slimmer look.
  • Wearing V necks makes the neck appear longer thereby giving the illusion of a longer torso.
  • At times select your clothes in monochromatic colors which is trying out a look in one colour. A top and bottom in the same colour or a long monochromatic evening gown creates a taller look. Doing it with a darker colour makes you look slimmer too.
  • Do not wear extremely flared or bell bottom pants as they make you look shorter. Wear well fitting slim pants or skinny jeans as they make the legs appear longer.
  • Wearing dangle/drop earrings and long neck pieces also works well as they add a touch of height.

So don't worry "Shorties" ;) , since we have such tips to help us, always appreciate your height and keep in mind the benefits that come from being short! ;)

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Little Black Lace Dress!!

Lace has swept me off my feet this year and my love for it is only growing stronger with the passing of time. Its got this unique facet of showing skin as well as providing coverage. Delicate patterns oozing out feminineness is what I find highly irresistible!!    

Though my closet is full of quite a few LBDs, this lace cocktail dress that I picked up on one of my trips to Singapore is my new favourite! The tulle style cut adds a girly charm to the dress. I wore this to bring in my birthday last month and loved the way I looked. The coloured stone belt added colour yet kept the look simple and sophisticated.

Lace Dress - Some local store in Singapore

Belt - Ri(t)ch Styles

Shoes - Giovanna(Singapore)

This is a must try trend and if you haven't yet then it surely is time to join the lacy bandwagon!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Grecian Gold and Silver

Have you ever thought twice about mixing gold and silver because the existing fashion rule book(God only knows from how many ages ago!) has an old ancient rule that advises you from doing so? Well let me tell you only two words that I have for it - HOW BORING! According to me, it does look really nice and its perfectly alright to mix them :) Its time we broke some old senseless fashion rules ;)

I have this really pretty Silver Grecian dress that I adore to the core. Simple and well cut, its a timeless piece. I wore it with a gold and silver multi string neck piece from my label and a gold clutch to accessorise. Paired it with gold flat gladiators just the way the Greeks used to ;)

Silver Dress - Soprano(USA)

Gold Clutch - Local Store(Mumbai,India)

        Gold and Silver multi string neck piece - Ri(t)ch Styles

     Gold flat gladiators - Charles & Keith(Singapore)

Just remember one thing on wearing gold and silver together that the trick lies in how you mix them and layer them. Don't go too chunky or you will only end up looking trashy. Keep it delicate and look chic!
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