Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Ri(t)ch Styles Blogging 101 : Fashion Apps that I can't do without!

A lot of you always ask me what Fashion Apps I use for inspiration and to help me in my work, so today's post is going to be about those. While I try to keep myself App free as much as possible, here is the list of my favourite fashion apps that I can't do without and help me make my life simpler!

1. Polyvore
This was one of the first community based websites that I joined. It gave me the power to access a vast world of brands out there and create outfit collages called Sets. It was in 2009 that I first used this and till date it is my go to site for styling inspiration as well being a virtual stylist to provide myself and my readers the perfect ways to put together an outfit. It all started on my laptop but today the app is available for me anytime and anywhere on all mobile devices, to put together the outfits that come to my mind rather than waiting to find the time to be able to do it on my laptop. You can also put together an outfit and then buy the entire look or parts of it from there. Makes everything super simple. Be it fashion or beauty, it's the one stop for all your needs. You can check out my sets on

2. Pinterest
Pinterest is the next best thing that happened to fashion enthusiasts after Polyvore. The concept is that you can find or upload, save, and manage images or videos known as pins on Pinterest or the web and sort them into collections known as pinboards. For me there are different ways in which I use Pinterest. The first way would be when I want to use a particular item from my wardrobe but need inspiration of what all I can do with it, and so I hop onto Pinterest. I either dig into my boards or search for looks that include say a polka dot jacket and it gives me images from all over the world and I gather inspiration from those and put a look together either from pieces that I have in my own wardrobe, or if I am planning in advance, then I either buy off the vendor's link(if in the pin or the related website) or order off some other website. Another would be when I have an occasion but do not particularly know exactly what I want to wear and so once again I mention the occasion which may be say a wedding or a beach party and once again I have all that inspiration come alive right in front of my eyes, Even when I need patterns or want to give a twist to an already designed outfit with my tailor, Pinterest comes to my rescue. So you can see how much it helps me. You can check out my pinboards on

3. Instagram
Instagram is where stories are told through pictures and where moments are shared. Instagram works for me in ways where it helps me follow the most fashionable celebrities I know, bloggers I like, brands I adore and fashion magazines I love through their pictures and incorporate fashionable details into my daily life. It also helps me share my pictures with my followers and the world there at large, interact with my followers and work with some amazing brands to create content. More than 95 million pictures are shared on a daily basis on this mobile only app and you are sure to find loads of fashion, beauty and lifestyle related images in that huge a number. You can check out my Instagram on

4. Bloglovin
When Google Reader died on me and the rest of the world, Bloglovin is what came to my rescue. All the blogs but primarily fashion blogs that that I wanted to follow could be added in one place and now I constantly get updated in my feeds when there is a new post. I love reading on the go and with my daughter jumping around, I cannot afford to be reading on my laptop most of the times and so the Bloglovin app is perfect for me to read all my favourite blogs right off my smartphone. I also can find new blogs to follow here and it is great to see fashion bloggers from all over the world in one place. It has helped me connect with quite a few of them and it makes the world feel like a really small fashionable place to be in irrespective of country or time zone. You can follow me here on Bloglovin -

So, these were a few of my favourite apps that quite drain off my battery, but the fact is that I just cannot do without these anymore. I know there are a lot more out there but these are what work for me. Going forward, as and when I come across some more great apps, I will definitely share them with you. Also if you guys know any great fashion apps that are really amazing and I should try out, do let me know, and if I already haven't tried them out then I surely will!

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