Thursday, May 4, 2017

Ice Creams vs Frozen Desserts

It's the time of the year which we call legitimately call 'Ice Cream Season'! I mean with the summers already on a roll and going well into 40 degrees, ice cream is the one thing constantly on my mind to cool me down. While juices, smoothies, gelatos, and shakes are also what I indulge in to beat the heat, I can't deny that ice cream has always taken position 1 on the podium in terms of preference. However, this year I have been indulging in frozen desserts consciously than in ice creams. Now what is that you may ask and how is it different? Well that was exactly my question when I first came to know that frozen desserts and ice creams are different, and this post will tell you all about it.

The concept of 'Frozen Desserts' was introduced to me a while ago and then all that I knew was that it was healthier than ice cream, but this year I got into the details because now it is not just about me but also about Aryaa indulging in them and so I had to know the nitty gritties. There are different varieties of frozen desserts available in the market but the variety that I am talking about are the ones that look, have the same texture and a great taste just like ice cream. If you pick up a box of ice cream to bring home from prominent brands these days, you will see 'Frozen Dessert' written in minute letters on the box and other than looking at the ingredients there is no other way for you to figure. Basically the look and feel is the same but they have huge nutritional differences. Here are some facts for you to understand why I prefer frozen desserts over ice creams: 
  1. Frozen desserts are made of skim milk, whereas ice creams are made of whole milk that contains more fat.
  2. The creaminess in the ice creams comes from the milk fat, whereas in frozen desserts, vegetable oil is used to get the creamy texture.
  3. Cholesterol is an issue faced by most Indians and frozen desserts come with 0 gms of cholesterol as vegetable oil used is not the direct source of cholesterol, whereas ice creams are made up of milk fat that is responsible for our cholesterol levels.
  4. Trans fat is also 0 gms in frozen dessert.
  5. Due to the absence of milk fat in the frozen desserts, the calorie count also lessens as compared to ice creams.

Everyone today is going to the gym or eating organic food or are on a heavy diet to maintain their health and often while following these routines we need to control our junk food intake despite the cravings. However every craving can be fulfilled in healthier ways. Frozen desserts can be easily made at home as there are numerous recipes available on the internet for you to refer to. So what better healthy way to satisfy the sweet tooth and enjoy your summers as well! :)

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