Friday, December 24, 2010

Tip of the Day! - Shorty wanna look taller?

Wanting to be taller is what a lot of us SHORT ones wish for and what comes to our rescue is heels :) But other than shoes helping us look and feel taller (which at times give me horrible aches), clothes worn the right way can also give the illusion of being taller. Let me tell you how:
  • High wasted pants whether trousers or jeans makes your legs look longer. Same is the case with high waist skirts which are max up to the knees. They instantly seem to add height. But make sure you wear them with heels.
  • Choose outfits with vertical stripes. Whether it is pants, skirts, dresses or suits, vertical stripes elongate the body along with giving you a slimmer look.
  • Wearing V necks makes the neck appear longer thereby giving the illusion of a longer torso.
  • At times select your clothes in monochromatic colors which is trying out a look in one colour. A top and bottom in the same colour or a long monochromatic evening gown creates a taller look. Doing it with a darker colour makes you look slimmer too.
  • Do not wear extremely flared or bell bottom pants as they make you look shorter. Wear well fitting slim pants or skinny jeans as they make the legs appear longer.
  • Wearing dangle/drop earrings and long neck pieces also works well as they add a touch of height.

So don't worry "Shorties" ;) , since we have such tips to help us, always appreciate your height and keep in mind the benefits that come from being short! ;)

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Little Black Lace Dress!!

Lace has swept me off my feet this year and my love for it is only growing stronger with the passing of time. Its got this unique facet of showing skin as well as providing coverage. Delicate patterns oozing out feminineness is what I find highly irresistible!!    

Though my closet is full of quite a few LBDs, this lace cocktail dress that I picked up on one of my trips to Singapore is my new favourite! The tulle style cut adds a girly charm to the dress. I wore this to bring in my birthday last month and loved the way I looked. The coloured stone belt added colour yet kept the look simple and sophisticated.

Lace Dress - Some local store in Singapore

Belt - Ri(t)ch Styles

Shoes - Giovanna(Singapore)

This is a must try trend and if you haven't yet then it surely is time to join the lacy bandwagon!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Grecian Gold and Silver

Have you ever thought twice about mixing gold and silver because the existing fashion rule book(God only knows from how many ages ago!) has an old ancient rule that advises you from doing so? Well let me tell you only two words that I have for it - HOW BORING! According to me, it does look really nice and its perfectly alright to mix them :) Its time we broke some old senseless fashion rules ;)

I have this really pretty Silver Grecian dress that I adore to the core. Simple and well cut, its a timeless piece. I wore it with a gold and silver multi string neck piece from my label and a gold clutch to accessorise. Paired it with gold flat gladiators just the way the Greeks used to ;)

Silver Dress - Soprano(USA)

Gold Clutch - Local Store(Mumbai,India)

        Gold and Silver multi string neck piece - Ri(t)ch Styles

     Gold flat gladiators - Charles & Keith(Singapore)

Just remember one thing on wearing gold and silver together that the trick lies in how you mix them and layer them. Don't go too chunky or you will only end up looking trashy. Keep it delicate and look chic!

Friday, November 26, 2010

In the papers :)

I have been super busy with loads of things the last few weeks which included my birthday and a trip to Delhi and so have been absconding from putting up posts on the blog which I shall make up for very very soon :) But in the meanwhile, Bangalore Mirror has featured me and I couldn't wait to share my excitement.

Eat healthy when you travel and you will continue to fit into your clothes without any trouble! :)

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Awesome News!!! :)

Hello Darlings!!! I have some awesome news!!!!!!

I have finally launched my own Clothes and Accessories label called Ri(t)ch Styles and am also offering consultancy services like Image makeovers, Wardrobe makeovers and Personal Shopping assistance :D

Baggy Pleated Pants from Ri(t)ch Styles

The blog shop and FB page will be live soon so watch this space for more updates!!!

Hope to see stuff from Ri(t)ch Styles on you gals soooooonnnnnnnnnn!! :)


Monday, October 11, 2010

60's shift dresses are back!

The 60's are one of my favourite fashion eras and nothing can beat the elegance of the shift dresses from that era. It's a look made popular by the style goddess Audrey Hepburn, who had no clue that she was creating a sensation for millions of women worldwide, for decades to come.

For anyone like me with a love for the 60s, its the perfect time to boost their wardrobe as shift dresses are hitting every store. The coming seasons are all gonna be about a blast from the past!

This shift dress is one of my most recent and favoured buys which I wore on my bro's bday :-)

Dress with Belt - Latin Quarters(Mumbai, India)

Necklace - Local Handicraft fair in Bandra(Mumbai, India)

Shoes - Giovanna(Singapore)

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Parisa Creations - Jewellery that creates auraa!

Beautiful jewellery always makes a girl happy. They are just tuned that way you see. I anyways have a deep appreciation for creative stuff and so being crazy about jewellery and accessories comes naturally to me ;-)

When a friend of mine told me about Parisa creations and the history behind the person creating the jewellery, I was instantly curious. Checking out the pictures I wanted to know more and see more (and WANT most of them!). With the choicest of semi-precious stones, such as Chelsidoni, Quartz, Onyx, Carnelian, Crystals, Garnet and Synthetic Coral to name a few, you are assured of a wide range of fresh, chic fashions at extremely affordable prices.

Well now about the person behind all this - Gauri Kulkarni, an accomplished actress and the sole proprietor of Parisa Creations has always had an artistic bent of mind, and can swirl a tinge of creativity into everything that she sets her heart on. She has had a natural flair for colours and designing, and it is her passion that has driven her to achieve everything that she has wanted to.

It is from Gauri’s innate skill to create, that Parisa Creations was born.  A combination of excellent quality, marvellous designs and pocket-friendly prices is what Parisa Creations promises you. Gauri understands the popularity of both traditional and contemporary styles, and also knows how to blend the two tastefully.

To experience her artwork at close-quarters, travel through the website and feast your eyes on some of Gauri’s beautiful creations. -

Parisa Creations is now also available at the following stores:
1.Style Mantra
   Shop no 7, Shaktiraj c.h.s, Pali naka, Next to HSBC, Bandra (w). Tel : 66777409.
2.Aseesa Fashions
   Greenfield building, Shop No 14, Lokhandwala complex, Opp Hangout cake shop, Andheri (w).

Friday, September 17, 2010

Polka Dotted!

Polka dots are all over me these days or should I say that I am all over polka dots these days. Either ways it conveys the fact that I am totally in love with polka dots at the moment :). Absolutely in fashion now along with being retro, it is a trend that is here to stay. The polka dots can be of various sizes depending on the style and cut of your outfit and it suits all ages too :D

A few occasions on which I was spotted with polka dots ;)

A cute purple tunic with white polka dots. Can wear it as a dress with white ballerinas.

My sheer top with the classic combination of black with white dots. Can accessorise it with a coloured belt.

A funky yellow bag with black polka dots. Adds instant cheerfulness to any outfit.

A comfy tube top for an evening out.

Its best to stick to one polka dot item in your outfit to avoid going overboard. In case you are not a polka dot fan then add just a polka dotted accessory to jazz up your outfit like a headband or a scarf.

My favourites also include:
  • Polka dot socks - They look sooo cute! 
  • Polka dot cocktail dresses - Gives a you a very sophisticated look. Perfect for a formal gathering.
  • Polka dot swim wear - 'Yellow polka dot bikini' is a song each one of us know ;) but seriously they make swim wear look really adorable, whether its a one piece or a two piece.
  • Polka dot shoes - Peep toes or ballerinas or sneakers, they all rock!
  • Polka dot clutches - A perfect combination with one colour dresses.
  • Polka dot lingerie - Flirtatious and fun ;)
My fantasy shopping list still has quite some stuff that I need to pick up. Let me give you a sneak peek!
  1. Stockings

2. Skirts

3. One Shouldered Dress

Polka dots can be a part of a man's wardrobe as well. They too have a variety of items that can be incorporated into their outfits.

Home Decor Tip(So what if this is a fashion blog ;)???) -You can add colour to your house with polka dots whether in curtains, cushion covers, wallpaper, vases, sofa covers or table cloths.

Mix polka dots with other textures for a modern look or stick to the classic colours for the retro look. Just remember to wear your confidence at the top of it all and you are set! :)

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Look of the Day!

Love this simple but easy and chic wavy hair do on Vanessa Hudgens. Perfect for the beach. So I call this look Beachy Waves :D

Am surely gonna try it the next time I hit the beach! :)

Monday, August 23, 2010

STeAl DeAl!!

Hill Road(located in Bandra in Mumbai,India) can be a place that can provide you some real good deals when it comes to street shopping. Saturday was that lucky day for me! :-) I was looking out for a pair of silver flats and landed up at the stall of one of my favourite street side vendors. He usually keeps surplus or samples of big brands that are exported from India. Scanning the various types of footwear on the racks, my eyes landed on these pretty Billabong flat silver leather sandals. Bought them for just 150 bucks(a real steal) and am loving them on my feet ! :-)

Friday, August 20, 2010

Vogue India August 2010 - The Age Issue

Grabbing a cup of hot coffee, I said down to read the August 2010 issue of Vogue. Its become a ritual that every month I eagerly wait for the lastest issue to hit the stands so that I can lay my hands on them (either buy, borrow or steal ;-)). Even though I'm not a label design slave always, its been quite an influence on my wardrobe over the years.

Cameron Diaz on the cover aptly matched the title 'Little Miss Sunshine' :-) I love her trademark casual style which shows in her cover outfit with one blingy gold jacket making all the difference which also matches beautifully with her golden blonde hair. I agree with her realistic approach to life where she doesn't want to look 25 again and would rather enjoy what she has at 37 while she's still got something. Her insight on the fountain of youth being 'exercise, a healthy diet, lots of water, lots of laughter, lots of sex as it's healthy and natural' is good to hear whilst most other interviews talk of botox. I like her!

This issue is called 'The Age Issue' and as I am now in the age category of people who should not worry :-) but atleast start to incorporate some tips into their daily beauty regime, makes me take instant notice. With the graphic trend being in these days, Vogue Shops shows you how to get the right look whatever age you are along with pocket friendly buys. What 40 Did brings out the stories of 3 women in their 40's with each one being at a different threshold of their life and defying the generic laws with one celebrating being single, the other joys of being a first-time mom and the third one a grandmother :-) Quite inspirational!! Free style depicts dressing for your age through ten graceful women ranging from 23 to 67 who possess widely contrasting styles and attitudes. Sometimes sans make-up can be beautiful and that is what Bare Minimum shows seven women ranging from 15 to 44 through its lenses. Making cancer sexy is what Lisa Ray does and its inspiring to see how she has resurfaced after the disease having hit her. Other articles give insights and good tips on skincare as new and new topics of concern start to emerge on the beauty front with anti-ageing products being the new mantra from as early as 25. The issue keeps up to its name :-)

I feel relaxed now as I picture myself dressed in most of the outfits on the pages I'm reading through. I'm already thinking of some of the stuff that I can buy and the others that I can run off to my local tailor for ;-). Filling myself another cup of coffee, I sit back again to continue my jaunt. A few more pages down and I start to think that if I had all the money in the world, I would splurge on the jaw dropping watches in Time Out. Makes me wanna say, I want this and I want that and Oh, I want this too! The Vogue Beauty Awards 2010(first ever) gives you the best of beauty products and services available in the market and I realize that the next time I go shopping, I know I'm going to take a lot less time and come back with the best buys.

Happy and content at the end of the read and my fantasy shopping spree, I guess this is what keeps people like me sane cause sometimes a fantasy is all that you need!

Friday, August 6, 2010

Reader Style Query!! :)

Jasmine, a very sweet reader of my blog, recently had a style query about whether she could wear short shorts and the kind of necklines she could wear:

Hi, love your combos!! Do you think I can pull off a short short and what kind of neckline suits me?

My suggestions to her were:
After seeing the picture that you have sent to me, it seems that you are petite. Also you are heavier on your upper body than your lower body. As per this you have an apple shape figure.

Wearing short shorts requires a lot of confidence as you know attitude makes all the difference :). I would suggest that you wear shorts that reach mid thigh and have a straight cut as this gives the illusion of slim and longer thighs. Wear the fitting variety and not the baggy variety as the baggy ones will make you look shorter. Also make sure you choose solid colours. Avoid shorts with big pockets.

Necklines also should be well chosen so that you don't look heavier on the top. The challenge is to create an impression of a lighter looking upper body. The classic V and U necks are the best bet. Other than that you should try low scoop necks. Halter and Sleeveless tops with a little shoulder show would look really nice.

Jasmine's appreciative response to the suggestions made my day :)
Those tips are really useful, I'm gonna go through my closet =]
I think now is the perfect time (with the summer sales) to look for those shorts you advised, thank you so much!
Again thanks for your time.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Tip of the Day! - Wearing a Sheer Top

Wearing a sheer top can be a chancy affair. It has to be worn the right way to look sexy or classy and elegant, which is not rocket science :-)

  • Wear the top with a contrasting camisole or singlet in bright colours for a funky look.
  • Wear a camisole beneath in the same colour as the top or a lace camisole in soft colours to create a very feminine look.
  • Wear it with a camisole close to your skin colour to create mystique.
  • If you want to be bold, pair it with a nice basic or a bright coloured bra below. I would recommend padded. This looks really sexy when pulled off well.
  • Wearing a cropped tube top can also create a cute effect without being as daring as a bra.
  • Wear it with a blazer on top to leave something to the imagination ;) 
This tip should help you try enough options or wear what makes you most comfortable to enjoy sheer :-)!!

Friday, July 16, 2010

Simple Looks to put together!

Sometimes we really aren't in the mood to dress up but still wanna look good with little effort while getting out. Here are some simple looks I've put together for such times.

For lunch out with friends

For an afternoon of shopping

For a picnic

Out to drinks and dinner

For the beach

To beat the chill

I've attempted these and they really worked for me. Try these looks with what you own and keep me tuned it to how they turned out. :)
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