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Vanakkam Chennai - A Pleasantly Surprising Vacation You Must Do

The Health Capital of India or our beloved Chennai is not always on a vacation wishlist - but trust me there is so much to do there! From surfing to spirituality, the city holds something to keep everyone engaged. If you think the city is only about Marina Beach and dosa, you’re dead wrong. It is home to all things cosmopolitan albeit being wrapped in its own old world charm. From the most sensational electronic parties to tranquil classical music conferences - Chennai has it all!

You can fly to Chennai from any of the major airports in the country. Since I live in Navi Mumbai, I usually keep an eye on both - Mumbai to Chennai flights and Pune to Chennai flights for good deals. As for accommodation, the city has a host of hotels for every budget - right from The Park, Chennai to Hotel Oriental Inn. October to February is the best time to visit Chennai because we all know how hot and humid the city gets in summer.

Here's what I head to Chennai for!

Pulicat Lake

Located about 200 km from Chennai, this is a perfect place for that break from urban life that you need once in a while. A wildlife sanctuary, this spot of tranquility hosts hundreds of migratory birds every winter including some very gorgeous flamingoes. This is a place you won’t regret heading to first!

The Barracuda Bay

Can you imagine the rush of juggling with the big fishes of the Bay of Bengal? Yes, it’s absolutely incredible which is why you should indulge in a day out at the Barracuda Bay Sport Fishing club, especially if you are a fishing junkie! A host of species throng this part of the sea and is an absolute delight for anyone looking for some fresh fun amidst the rushing waves - from jigging to trolling.

The Beaches

Almost the entire city of Chennai lies by the city. From the ever-famous Marina Beach, especially Elliott Beach at the edge of Marina, to the quaint little Mahabalipuram beach in the outskirts - the sea here has the perfect mix of a rush of happiness and the delicate touch of tranquility. Don’t forget to catch a sunrise!

Mahabalipuram and Mamallapuram

Cliché but every bit worth it, these two beach towns can be visited over and over again. Lose yourself to a long-lost time of mythologies, vast kingdoms and awe-inspiring royalty amidst the rock temples. A trip to Mahabalipuram never fails to leave you in a trance, giving you fresh perspectives and also making you nostalgic about a glorious past.

Ubbalamadugu Falls

Another excellent spot to lose yourself in the arms of nature, the Ubbalamadugu Falls is located only 35 km from Chennai near the beautiful Siddulaiah Kona forests. Whether you want to head on a photo trail or just sit by the gushing cascade and revel in the serenity, this should be on the must-visit list every time you head to the city.

So now that you know, say Vanakkam Chennai and make sure you head to these places for a vacation I’m sure you were not expecting!

Pictures Source - Wikimedia Commons

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