Friday, November 10, 2017

The Pampers #MagicOf3 for Aryaa!

It is always said that you need to be comfortable in your own skin and whatever you wear. This holds true for everyone, but for children even more! If we as women find it so burdensome during our periods to wear a pad just for 5 continuous days, imagine what a child be feels wearing diapers all the time. Maintaining hygiene and taking care of their skin is a very integral part of the growing up years for the babies. We as mothers have to make sure that we use the best possible brands and products that don't hamper our children's skin and make them feel uncomfortable. Diapers are something that all mothers use regularly for their babies and it is important to choose a product that will just keep the baby comfortable, dry and happy. 

When it comes to diapers, Pampers is one brand that I have always chosen for Aryaa as she has sensitive skin and is very prone to rashes, but thanks to Pampers I rarely face it. While I did try other brands, I eventually came back to Pampers and haven't changed the brand since years. Now that she is already 3 years old, her diaper usage only happens when she is out of the house, or needs to poop, or is sleeping, as we are trying to get her off the diaper. Aryaa has been using the Pampers Baby Dry Pants from the time she was 2 since it was more convenient for her to take off and put on if using the bathroom. While it held lesser fluid than the regular ones, it also was more comfortable for her since she is an active baby. Being a little too particular and also because Aryaa drinks a lot of water, in the day I always made sure to change her diaper every 4 hours irrespective of whether it was full or not, as I always like to keep her as dry as possible and for hygiene reasons. It was only in the night or when I was travelling that I let it go beyond 4 hours in case it was not full by then. So when Pampers launched their #NextGenPampers Pants that works on the principle of keeping babies drier and comfortable for longer, I got them instantly for Aryaa!

The New Baby Dry Pants come with extra absorb channels which absorb the pee 3 times faster as well as distribute it evenly. Also the new Magic Gel used in the absorption layer makes the diaper much thinner and lighter than before. Honestly the absorption layer feels and looks like a really soft and light piece of cloth and it is difficult to believe that it is full of the Magic Gel and can hold so much pee.

Being a super active child, Aryaa enjoys her playtime to the fullest. You will not see her resting for a moment and in the past(when she wore the earlier range), she has come back home for a change in less than 3-4 hours. But with the new range of diapers, she has never come back home earlier.  Not to forget, the New Baby Dry Pants also come with baby lotion within the diaper so that even if you don't apply any, your child's skin stays moisturized. The soft, stretchy and flexible waistband also makes movement much easier, and so automatically all the qualities together make her playtime more enjoyable.

As I told you, during the night, I would always make sure to check her diaper and change it so that diaper leaks could be avoided as I faced it often. But with the New Pampers Baby Dry Pants, she can sleep peacefully all through the night as the absorbing channels and the magic gel hold in the pee for longggg and she is also not uncomfortable as it also keeps her diaper light and dry. There have been no diaper leak situations yet in the max 8 hours that she has worn the diaper overnight.

So be it day or night, Aryaa definitely is a happier baby in the new #NextGenPampers thanks to the #Magicof3!

The 3 channel technology is definitely going to bring a revolution and it is going to mean a lot more happier and healthier babies thanks to Pampers! We are glad to be a part of this transformation!

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  1. Interesting details and an informative post.

  2. Thanks for sharing...I'm a pampers mom, myself!

  3. Pampers has always been our favourite.

  4. Ah. I think my sister uses them too with her 1 year old.

  5. Pampers have always been on my favorite list and your article so validates my thoughts. Thank you so much for sharing it.


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