Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Make-up in Trend: Day to Night Smokey Eye Looks with Inglot

The Smokey Eye is currently the hottest eye make-up trend doing the rounds and according to me, I think it looks fabulous on everyone. If there is one technique you must learn, it definitely has got to be the Smokey Eye!

Ri(t)ch Styles collaborated with Inglot Cosmetics for make-up tutorials to teach you two types of Smokey Eye:
  1. A Light Smokey Eye Day Look
  2. Transforming the Day Look to a Dark & Shimmery Smokey Eye Night Look

A Light Smokey Eye Day Look

This is a soft dewy day look with emphasis on the eyes! Most people have doubts about how a smokey eye will look in the day and are confused about what products and colours to use. In this video we show you how to create a subtle smokey eye in brown and not black which is suitable for day time wear and isn't too loud or bold.

Transforming the Day Look to a Dark & Shimmery Smokey Eye Night Look

Transitioning our day make-up to night make-up without too many efforts is a challenge for a lot of us. But don't worry that is exactly why we taught you a subtle smokey eye day look which you can easily transform to a dark and shimmery smokey eye night look. Its a party look with a black smokey eye and glitter on the eyes!

Life has become so much easier after learning a brown smoky eye for the day and easy transformation to a night look. I'm sure these tutorials will make life much easier for you gals too!

If you want to request any tutorials, do drop in a comment below with your requests and we will surely try and fulfil them :)

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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

California Pizza Kitchen India: The Hollywood on your Table menu

Hello!!!!!! I know its been a while and we are back after quite a gap, but it has been a much needed break! :) Lots of cool stuff coming up with no breaks 'I promise' and we start with a yummilicious food review!

Right since the time California Pizza Kitchen(CPK) launched in India, they have impressed me with their style of cooking with their authority on California-style pizzas and industry leadership in creative dining. So when they decided to give us Indian diners a little peep into the life in Hollywood and what their celebs eat at CPK through a month special 'Hollywood on your table' menu, I knew I wasn't going to miss it. The icing on the cake was that the Ri(t)ch Styles team got invited to the Chef's Table on one of the days where the chef personally took us through each dish and how it's prepared and let me tell you, the menu was DIVINE! If you follow me on my Instagram, Twitter or/and Facebook you must have seen the mouth-watering food that we indulged in that night......


While the menu was quite an elaborate one (keeping in mind we had to try everything), with options to convert the chicken pizzas to paneer ones, there were 3 dishes to complete a meal that made it to my top 3 list, and here they are in that order as my recommendations/#RitchStylesFoodPick for you:

1. The Deli Style Bistro Pizza


This is one of the most mind-blowing pizzas that I've ever eaten! Pesto marinara, Italian sausages, Capicola Ham and Canadian Bacon, finished with lemon herbed rocket leaves and Bocconcini(a form of Mozarella) on a thin crust - YES it was just as exotic as it sounds!

2. Spaghetti Carretierra


A tangy yet creamy spaghetti preparation - An Italian classic with a Californian twist with hot red chillies, rocket leaves, Bocconcini and freshly crushed pepper. Non vegetarians you can make it even more delightful by getting smoked chicken added. I would have eaten a lot more but then I had to leave some space for the dessert.

3. California Delight



A trio of white chocolate, strawberry and dark chocolate mousse with cranberries and almond praline - Super Sinful! It is the only desert on the menu because it does total justice to the fact that you need nothing else once you have taken a bite of this. I loved it so much that I dreamt about it all night post the marathon eating session.

Other dishes that you could pick



The Spicy Sonora chicken pizza was my 2nd favourite pizza prepared with housemade special corn and black bean salsa, which gave a boost to the spicy smoked chicken, tomatoes and cilantro toppings.

The Rustica Pizza  is CPK's version of the Italian classic pizza - grilled zucchini, sauteed white mushrooms, green olives and capers on a thin crust. On the vegetarian front,  I would say this was the best one as it had a lovely mix of flavours .

The other 2 didn't really make it to my list.


The Mediterranean Roasted Mushroom Spaghettini

Aromatic with a strong garlic flovour, roasted Mushrooms, Serrano Chillies, Mediterranean herbs and an overdose of Extra Virgin Olive Oil - I would have loved it had the oil been not so generously put, but some of you will love it I'm sure.


California Peri Peri Chicken

CPK claimed that this was a must not miss special dish - succulent boneless chicken, grilled with housemade spicy peri peri marinade and served with a spicy creamy sauce and fries. It was nice but I personally felt it lacked salt(due to which it missed being in my top 3) which would have further added the bang to the dish.

Spinach & Paneer Malfati with Milan Sauce

This dish was a pleasant surprise and the gnocchi made up of Spinach and Paneer just 'melted-in-the mouth' while the creamy caramelized onion sauce with garlic and bits of fresh Goat cheese left a wonderful after taste. It was served with a filling portion of stir fried veggies. Vegeterians this is speciality that you must try.


Mango Mint Ecstasy 

Sipping on the refreshing Mango Mint Ecstasy well before the mango season felt sooo goood! This is for all you mango, non-alcoholics and mocktail lovers! Just a tip - Stir it well before you sip on it for the mango pulp to mix with the soda and mint or it gets too sweet!

Overall we loved the spread and were super happy to learn at the end that most of the dishes were going to be included into the regular menu, so go try it guys! And just in case something that you want is not there on the menu, make a special request to the chef and I am sure he will whip it up for you :)

We hope you liked our review and incase you do try out any of these dishes, do keep us posted on what you liked about them!

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