Monday, July 27, 2009

Top Must-Haves to Get You Through the Monsoons

Listen to the rain!
On the window pane!

The monsoons are finally here! And I’m sure you don’t want to just sit indoors listening to the pitter-patter all day but want to get out and enjoy it. However, the biggest question that most of us have is that how do we do it without having to deal with dirty shoes, soaked to the skin clothes and dripping wet hair. Well it is possible and that too along with being fashionable. It all just starts with a sunny outlook!

While most of the outdoors is pale, the concentration should be on bright and bold colours. Pink, yellow, blue, green, purple and white are the best picks. Make sure your clothes are made of fabrics such as silk, polynylon and blended cotton because these are ideal as they don't lose their sheen or get spoilt if they get wet. Thicker fabrics like polyviscose knits also keep you warm.

So while the monsoons are helping us beat the heat, for people like me let’s get shopping for some cool monsoon must haves and make some fashion statements.

1. Put your best foot forward

Jelly shoes are in fashion these days and are waterproof, comfortable and reliable. Available in bright colours and different designs, they brighten up your day. Flip flops, crocs, rain boots and floaters are also other options. Marc Jacobs, Old navy and Newlook have nice ones and can be bought online as well. You don't need to spend a lot on these. In India and Singapore you can pick them up from the streets really cheap.
2. Stylish and Colourful Raincoats

Raincoats available these days are quite cute. You get nice stylish ones with a belt. Make sure to pick them up in bright colours especially the neon colours which are back from the 80’s. The transparent ones also look nice.

3. Cool and Colourful Umbrellas

Colourful umbrellas make us smile. Umbrellas can be functional and at same time fun these days. While the transparent ones give you instant style points, the polka dotted, bight prints, colourful ones instantly brighten a cloudy day. Also available in compact sizes, they are convenient and easy to carry. From really cheap ones to really expensive ones, all variants are available anywhere.

4. Bag It

For most women I know, handbags are a part of their everyday lives. Other than just being handy to keep our things, they also help us complete our look. But in the rains it also becomes a necessity as it prevents our things from getting wet. However, handbags that we use in the monsoons have to be of a waterproof material and not the regular materials that we use, especially not leather. Transparent plastic and PVC material bags are the saviours these days and also keep our style quotient high as they are available in funky designs and cool colours. Available on the streets really cheap or at a steep price from the big brand names like D&G,Chanel and others, they definitely are a must buy. Make sure they have zippers!

Other than these please make sure that the make up that you use is waterproof and well applied. Though the clean no make up look is best, if you must apply then just use waterproof mascara, liner and a nice pearly gloss. Revlon, Loreal, Estee Lauder, Chambor, Lancome and Clinique all offer waterproof products and are easily available anywhere.

So, happy shopping for these monsoon must haves cause I already have and I'm sure we will have the rain Gods smiling down at us! :)
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