Friday, July 1, 2016

The new Lakmé Absolute Illuminate Makeup Range! #IlluminateandShine

Lakmé launches a new collection every season of Lakmé Fashion Week and this year at the Summer/Resort 2016 edition, they launched the new Lakmé Absolute Illuminate Collection, a specially crafted range of illuminating makeup and skincare products inspired by shimmer. In this post I am going to review the makeup range as Lakmé sent me a lovely box with some of the products from the collection. I love shimmery and metallic makeup and using this range has been a delight. 

The Gorgeous Box that arrived

Lakmé Absolute Illuminating Eye Shadow Palette 

The Lakmé Absolute Illuminating Eye Shadow Palette is available in two variations - Silver and Gold. Each palette consists of six eye shadow options. I got the Gold palette and the shadows range from nude to oranges to brown to olive green. You can build up the colours to your liking and can use this for a natural look as well as green smokey eye look. However, the darker shades don't have too much shimmer in them and can look chalky if not blended in well. It is perfect for Indian skin tones. I have been using it quite regularly for the lightest nude colour which has a nice sparkly look to it. The palette is priced at INR 995/-

Lakmé Absolute Precision Eye Artist Eyeliner

I am an eyeliner maniac and love coloured eyeliners coz just that one thing can change your look completely. So I was elated when I opened the box and saw that Lakmé had sent me all the 3 shades that they had launched of the Lakmé Absolute Precision Eye Artist Eyeliner: Emerald Green, Blue Sapphire and Burnished Brown. The eyeliners have a pretty metallic look to them on application and are smooth to apply. I have worn them for 8 to 10 hours and they have stayed put without smudging which proves how long lasting they are. These are slim and long, twist up pencils with a rubber grip that helps in easy application. You have to push the cap a bit for it to lock on, which then stays secure till you don't pull it off the next time. It is priced at INR 850/- which is pricey compared to competing brands but it's long lasting feature is what will make me buy it. For the eyes, the collection also has the Lakmé Absolute Precision Eye Artist Kajal in black and is available for INR 750/-

Lakmé Absolute Illuminating Lip Shimmer

Metallic lipsticks were a rage in my college days and I used to love them. I don't know why they faded out and just matte or glossy shades were all that you got. This made me run to imported brands, or cousins and friends living abroad so that I could atleast have a few metallic and shimmery shades in my collection. The launch of the Lakmé Absolute Illuminating Lip Shimmer made me super happy because I felt like I was transported back to the late 90s -  to my college days :) Lakmé sent me 3 shades: Tropical Shine which is a frosty metallic peachy shade and my most favourite especially for day wear, Pink Flash which is a bright pink with loads of shimmer and your perfect party accompaiment, and Crimson Blink which is a bright red with shimmer and is perfect for weddings only according to me. The texture is creamy, super smooth to apply and lasts for atleast 3-4 hours. Totally there are 15 lipsticks in the collection and they are priced at INR 700/-

The collection additionally also has the Lakme Absolute Gel Stylist nail polishes in 10 glitter shades which are priced at INR 400/-.

Here is my #IlluminateandShine day look using the Lakmé Absolute Illuminating Lip Shimmer in Tropical Shine and the Lakmé Absolute Precision Eye Artist Eyeliner in Emerald Green.

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I had done a blog post after Lakmé Fashion Week where I had rounded up my favourite beauty looks that were created using the Illuminate range. Check it out here -

I will be reviewing the Illuminate Skincare range soon too, so stay tuned!

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Thursday, June 30, 2016

Deepika dressed to kill at #IIFA2016!

Deepika towered above everyone else at IIFA 2016! Be it her performance in Piku which got her an award, or her fashion choices, she was there to rule! We haven't really seen Deepika flaunt red carpet looks the way she did at IIFA which of course blew our minds, and so we had to share them with you coz we couldn't let you miss them!

Monday, June 27, 2016

BRAUN PowerPerfection Hair Dryer - Review + Monsoon Giveaway!

Heat is something that I don't expose my hair too much to. On most days I let my hair air dry after washing and it's only when I have plans to step out do I blow dry it or straighten it. In fact for the past 6 months I hadn't used a hair dryer on my hair at all at home. This happened because the one I had got spoilt, and I got a chance to test if I could do without one as I was trying to minimalize the amount of heat I used on my hair. But as my hair has grown much longer, I needed to get back to blow drying to let my hair not get too wavy, and receiving the BRAUN Satin Hair 1 PowerPerfection Ultra Light a few days ago was just perfect timing!

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

My Super Amazing Michael Kors Haul!

Nothing gives a fashion lover more happiness than getting good deals, especially if the deals she gets are on one of her favourite luxury brands. I know you agree and by now you must have also guessed that I am talking about some really amazing deals that I got on one of my favourite brands - Michael Kors (thanks to the title ;-)!).

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Travel Diaries: Johor Bahru - 2 day itinerary with Legoland and Johor Premium Outlets (Kid Friendly)

Last year when I visited Singapore for Aryaa's first international trip on her first birthday, I made plans to visit a city in Malaysia called Johor Bahru which is the border town of Malaysia to enter Singapore. History calls it a not so safe and chaotic border town, but advancements have happened and it is slowly changing into a nice touristy town with Legoland, Johor Premium Outlets, Sanrio Hello Kitty Town, Angry Birds Activity Park and a handful of museums, temples, hotels, shopping zones and swanky cafes.

Thursday, June 9, 2016

The benefits of drinking WATER & how to figure how much your body needs!

With the water shortage that has hit the city of Mumbai, we suddenly seem to have woken up to the importance of water in our lives which we never really give a second thought to in our day to day lives. Conserving water has become the need of the day and everyone seems to be waiting for the rains to hit the city so that we can do away with the issue. Bottled water companies have benefited a lot from this because drinking water is something that we need come what may. However coming to my point of this article, have you ever bothered to find out how much water do you need to drink every day and whether you are drinking enough? Well it sounds like a simple enough question to answer but despite years of research by subject experts, the question hasn’t yet received a convincing, unanimous answer and that is because each one of us is unique, lives in different places, is a different body type, performs different physical activities and has a different lifestyle from the other.
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