Monday, November 13, 2017

Top 5 ways to celebrate Children's Day!

With Children's Day just around the corner, all I can recall are my childhood days when the day meant so much. At school it would be a fun day filled with fun activities and at home too my parents would plan something. Now that Aryaa has also joined school, she too will have celebrations there, but I also want to make the day special for her by giving her some surprises at home as well. Just like my parents made it special for me, I too want to keep the vibe of Children's Day all through the day for her even when she comes back home. After all who doesn't love surprises? With Aryaa I am going to relive my childhood and create new memories with her on Children's Day. I have planned a couple of things to do with her once she is back from school, and here are 5 of my ideas for you too, incase you want to plan something on similar lines for your kids! There is going to nothing more precious than that smile and happiness on her face when she in indulging in all of these!

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