Saturday, June 3, 2017

Sharing made easy with SHAREit!

The invention of the smartphone has changed our lives to a large extent, and we are now recording most of our daily events on our phones. The world of apps has taken everything by storm, and very often I find myself surprised by the various kinds of apps that are launched in the market. Today, most phones have really good quality cameras. Most of us hardly visit the photo studios or use the services of professional photographers except on special occasions. The number of pictures we as bloggers need to click to keep you guys updated about the various things happening is no joke. As a fashion blogger, my daily life involves constantly juggling between clicking pictures, recording videos and then sharing them on social media. So, you can imagine the amount pictures and videos I shoot on a daily basis. All the data cannot be stored on my phone. I need to regularly back it up on my laptop. Also at times, I need to use media from earlier shoots or from shoots where I have used my DSLR, and it is quite a hassle to transfer things from my laptop to the phone because then I have to find my cord or use my email which is very time consuming. All my concerns were put to rest when I was introduced to SHAREit which is now available across all devices – phone, laptops, and tablets.

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

UAE Style Diaries!

My UAE trip specifically to Sharjah was an amazing one a few months ago, with Sharjah Tourism and Air Arabia taking awesome care of us. We travelled across the Sharjah Emirate and I also got a little time to head out to Dubai. The weather we were told would be on the colder side, but that it would rain and turn super cold is not something that I had expected. Thanks to the internet and weather predictions, I had somewhat prepped my packing up with stuff that could protect me to quite an extent, and was glad that my habit of checking the weather before heading anywhere worked in my favour. Bringing to you in this post, some of the outfits that I wore on my trip!

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Prevention is better than cure!

Indians are very reserved when it comes to speaking out about their health problems in public, or for that matter even in sharing it with their own family members. However, the comfort of expressing about most kinds of health issues is now becoming easier than what it was earlier. A few years ago, on a family table, conversations on sex, depression, psychological issues, constipation, etc. would immediately make each one of us feel awkward and shy. But people have realized that these things are as important to know and understand about, as other things, as well as be dealt with maturely. While constipation happens to be a very common problem among people around us, the word constipation still creates an uncomfortable vibe and thus people suffering the same still hesitate in talking about it openly. With movies being made to create social awareness on various health problems, Piku as a movie did throw some light on the problem of constipation, which could help people who suffered from the same discuss the issue with their family or consult doctors well in time. However this is just a small move in the positive direction.

Saturday, May 6, 2017

Andaman Style Diaries: Jumpsuit Loving!

I find jumpsuits really versatile and chic. Wear them anywhere from the beach, to a casual day out, to a night on the town, and they perfectly fit in anywhere! I like the cropped wide leg ones for the beach especially in synthetic fabrics as you can walk in the shallow water in them, they don't let the sand stick and dry up pretty quick too. Thanks to that you too can take off right from the beach to your next pit stop. For my trip to the Andamans I picked up this black one with metal chains for straps and I loved the way it fit me like a dream. Super comfy and flattering, I was so glad I wore this for my day that started with checkout, to spending some time at Vijaynagar Beach i.e. Beach No. 5 at Havelock Island, and then heading to Neil Island. 
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