Tuesday, December 27, 2011

An awesome start to the 30s!!

November was my birthday month!!! And TA-DA, I turned 30! :D :D :D The other exciting fact was the date 11-11-11..... I just felt super special!! How many of us get to turn 30 on such a unique date?? ;)

"30??!!" was the reaction I got from most! Some had this surprised look, some the pitiful look **raised eyebrows is what I reacted with** and very few gave me the the very happy look.. But let me tell you, I feel really good about it! In fact, it's a far more confident feeling.. To top it all PS and my family - parents, brother, cousins, in-laws have given me a wonderful year to keep in my memories forever and my friends just add the cherry to the cake *hugs hugs & hugs*

I reflect back on my life - happy and satisfied to quite an extent with where I stand today personally and look forward to a future that looks very promising. The professional aspirations will take a while... And I am in no hurry :)

PS took me to the racecourse for the most amazing lunch. The food and the mood - hit the spot bang on!!

 And this is what I wore.. Comfy yet chic!

Pants - Promod, Top with bow - Krabi, Pearls - Ri(t)ch Styles, Bag- Gift, Shoes - Portia, Watch - Esprit, Sunglasses - M&S

My 20s have taught me a lot and I am going to use my learnings to have a great 30s! Its been an awesome start and I'm really looking forward my 30s :)

Those of you close to it, are you looking forward to it or dreading it?

Hope everyone had a great Xmas! Greetings of the Season to all my readers! :)

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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Color Brigade winner :D

I've had a really long hiatus from blogging the last 2 months with one blog post in between... Hectic schedules, travel and ill health have been the major reasons... I've been absent from most of the forums I'm generally visible on :( But now I seem to be bouncing back and am hoping that it will get better with 2011 coming to an end and all my pending posts will be up :D (Amen!)

I participated last week in the Color Brigade feature on Kileen's blog Cute and Little  as one of my efforts to at least have some presence and not feel totally cut off from the blogging space. Little did I know that I would win! Yes I won!! Yayy!!! 107 likes and 54 clicks! I'm elated! It's my first Color Brigade win :) I look at it as a sign to seriously seriously get back to blogging rather than letting it get worse.

So now I'm back! And you will see more of me at more regular intervals!

And this is my winning entry!

Thank you Kileen for your generous comment "Last week's winner is Ritcha of Ri(t)ch Styles with her red, blue, and white combination with 107 likes and 54 clicks {wow!}. I love her easy, breezy, glamorous look!"
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