Friday, March 30, 2012

Kolkata calling

After one of my bestie's wedding, it was one of PS's bestie's turn to get married and the wedding was at Kolkata - the city of Joy! :) I was happy that I would get a chance to travel, see a new place, eat the awesome food there (food is an important aspect of every trip of mine) and enjoy with my hubby's friends who are total sweethearts!

The morning of the wedding day was spent at a mall close to our hotel picking up random stuff and heading to the salon for whoever wanted to get something done. Putting on my new red pants(bought during the recent Mango sale) and a floral top with my current favourite bag, I headed out with the gang for a chilled out first half of the day and an awesome lunch :)

Top - Wetseal, Red Pants - Mango

Sunglasses - Marks & Spencer, Bag - Mango, Watch - Guess, Stacked Bracelet - Colaba Causeway

With one of our favourite couples

These pants are super comfy and you can dress them for a night out or dress it down with a simple top - rocks anytime! Must buy for those who haven't bought one!

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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Spring is here!!

Pink is nearly every girl's favourite colour and white jeans are a must for every girl's wardrobe.. Combine these together and you have a spring outfit effortlessly ready :)

Last saturday me and my newest photographer(also one of my closest girlies) went out for a movie and then we set out to check out new locations for pictures, finally settling on a lovely waterfront.. Since it was dark, the water body can't be seen in the pics but the background lights in the darkness looked lovely..

Tunic worn as top - Zara, White Jeans - Westside

Bag - Zara

Bangles - Colaba Causeway

Neck piece - Chemistry ( gift from sis-in-law)

Snakeskin textured shoes - Portia (ordered through Brandmile)

This water body has been very close to my heart. Whenever I have been low, upset or disturbed, I have always come here and sat in my car for ages just soaking in my surroundings to calm me down and it does soothe me to a great extent. I have a very old relationship with this place............

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Monday, March 19, 2012

Kiddie Me

In the weekend gone by, I spent one afternoon going through my childhood pictures, and seeing them I realized that I was really fond of dressing up even as a kid :) Credit for that definitely goes to my mother who loved dressing me up and got these really cute dresses for me. It was so much fun looking at those pictures that I couldn't wait to share some with you :D

School time - I love this snap!

Puff sleeves and nautical trend - Playing peek a boo with my dad

Lace Dress - English class topper prize

Jumpsuit and a colour blocked top - Dancing on the table to match up to my dad's height

Nepali girl - Fancy Dress at nursery school

Monochrome oufit and bell bottoms - Posing for pictures

And now the best of all

Aviator-style sunglasses and polka dot top - Set for a drive in my dad's car
Didn't I tell you I was a stylish kid ;) All the trends we see now, I was rocking then!

Did I remind you of your kiddie days? I would do anything to go back to that time :)

Till the next post, Ciao!

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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Sights at the Kala Ghoda Festival

In between all the weddings, the preparations and work, I did manage to make it for the Kala Ghoda Fest this year.. Phew! I thought I would miss it at the rate that  I used to run out of time everyday, but finally managed to squeeze out some time and go :) And I'm happy I did!  

Kala Ghoda ;)

Lovely Bombay not Mumbai

Loved the weaves and the colours!

Knit top - Bangkok, Jeans - Mango, Cropped Jacket - Ri(t)ch Styles, Bag - Mango, Watch - Guess
Next year I will plan it better cause I'm sure I missed quite some stuff. However, something is better than nothing :)

You can check out all the picturess from the fest on my Facebook page here since I couldn't put them all here..

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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

My bestie's wedding!

She joins my club!! Yayyyy!!!

Mona's wedding was the first Gujarati wedding I'd ever attended in my life. A Gujarati wedding is different from North Indian weddings. Firstly it happens in the morning rather than mid-night, secondly the girl doesn't wear a red saree but a white and red saree, and thirdly they have only 4 pheras unlike the 7 pheras that I had taken when I got married(pheras are the rounds that the couple take around the sacred fire which binds them for eternity). The funniest part happened when the priest announced that the marriage ceremony was complete after 4 pheras and I asked him in surprise that how could he say that when he had only done half the ceremony. You should have heard the laughter around at that moment. I was embarrassed but found it so funny that I myself couldn't stop laughing. He he he!

Mona looked gorgeous. The traditional Panetar saree that she wore was beauuuuutiiiful and the make-up by Billy Manik was flawless! She made a stunning bride :)

I zeroed in on a beautiful purple(loved the colour) and gold Kanjeevaram saree for the wedding. This saree was a part of my wedding trousseau. For the first time in my life I wore it the seedha palla(back to front) style. The reason I never wore it this way earlier was because I always thought it was an unmanageable style, but to my surprise I found it super comfortable and fuss free. I paired it with traditional gold and polki jewellery and kept my make-up light as it was a day wedding.

PS took these pictures from his mobile phone hence the slightly grainy quality but I think he did a fab job! I will cherish these pictures forever.

Getting emotional and crying is a part of every Indian wedding but thankfully I didn't :) Now I have to get used to her being married but I'm so happy cause her husband has been worth the wait! The wedding was filled with fun, emotional and happy moments which we are never gonna forget.

Any of your besties getting married soon or just got married? What did you wear? Post it on my Facebook page :)

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