Tuesday, December 27, 2011

An awesome start to the 30s!!

November was my birthday month!!! And TA-DA, I turned 30! :D :D :D The other exciting fact was the date 11-11-11..... I just felt super special!! How many of us get to turn 30 on such a unique date?? ;)

"30??!!" was the reaction I got from most! Some had this surprised look, some the pitiful look **raised eyebrows is what I reacted with** and very few gave me the the very happy look.. But let me tell you, I feel really good about it! In fact, it's a far more confident feeling.. To top it all PS and my family - parents, brother, cousins, in-laws have given me a wonderful year to keep in my memories forever and my friends just add the cherry to the cake *hugs hugs & hugs*

I reflect back on my life - happy and satisfied to quite an extent with where I stand today personally and look forward to a future that looks very promising. The professional aspirations will take a while... And I am in no hurry :)

PS took me to the racecourse for the most amazing lunch. The food and the mood - hit the spot bang on!!

 And this is what I wore.. Comfy yet chic!

Pants - Promod, Top with bow - Krabi, Pearls - Ri(t)ch Styles, Bag- Gift, Shoes - Portia, Watch - Esprit, Sunglasses - M&S

My 20s have taught me a lot and I am going to use my learnings to have a great 30s! Its been an awesome start and I'm really looking forward my 30s :)

Those of you close to it, are you looking forward to it or dreading it?

Hope everyone had a great Xmas! Greetings of the Season to all my readers! :)

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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Color Brigade winner :D

I've had a really long hiatus from blogging the last 2 months with one blog post in between... Hectic schedules, travel and ill health have been the major reasons... I've been absent from most of the forums I'm generally visible on :( But now I seem to be bouncing back and am hoping that it will get better with 2011 coming to an end and all my pending posts will be up :D (Amen!)

I participated last week in the Color Brigade feature on Kileen's blog Cute and Little  as one of my efforts to at least have some presence and not feel totally cut off from the blogging space. Little did I know that I would win! Yes I won!! Yayy!!! 107 likes and 54 clicks! I'm elated! It's my first Color Brigade win :) I look at it as a sign to seriously seriously get back to blogging rather than letting it get worse.

So now I'm back! And you will see more of me at more regular intervals!

And this is my winning entry!

Thank you Kileen for your generous comment "Last week's winner is Ritcha of Ri(t)ch Styles with her red, blue, and white combination with 107 likes and 54 clicks {wow!}. I love her easy, breezy, glamorous look!"

Monday, November 14, 2011

The Nature's Co. review

Lucky me received a few products from The Nature's Co. a couple of weeks ago to review! So sweet of them to do that :) On opening the package I discovered  the Cool Cucumber Body Lotion from the Aquaspark range and the Citronella Insect Repellent from the Foressence range. While I was really happy seeing the body lotion, I was in a fix how to review the insect repellent. Keep reading to see how I finally did that ;)

Before I go ahead with the review, there is one thought of mine that I wanted to share. As far as body care products are concerned, I always prefer using them for a few weeks especially lotions, creams and serums before judging results rather than giving an overnight review because it is important to check whether the effects with use over time are as claimed/desired. Now that's what I choose to follow but others can have their own views on this :)

The Nature's Co. has a wide range of environment friendly beauty products that are meant to enrich and renew your skin. All their products are manufactured using natural hill spring water with natural preservatives and contain ingredients that are against animal cruelty, vegan and of best quality from across the globe - every point that one must consider before buying a body or hair care product.

The Nature’s Co. explores the five purest forms of nature - the elements air, sun, forest, earth and water by creating five distinct ranges - Atmospure, Starrize, Foressence, Earthborne and Aquaspark that imbibe qualities inspired by the respective element.

Let me tell you now about the products I received:

The Cool Cucumber Body Lotion from the Aquaspark range

The Aquaspark range products contain aquatic and coastal ingredients. The Cool Cucumber body lotion's main ingredient is the cucumber grown near the coasts. My skin type is predominantly dry and with the winters approaching I need more moisturising. While most moisturisers don't have too much of a hydrating effect on my skin causing me to scrap using them, this one fared much better. My usual regime involves application of this lotion on moist skin after my bath. Over the days of use I noticed that my skin stayed hydrated and also became more supple and softer. Infact a few dry patches also became soft thus indicating that it also repairs the skin. It has a very fresh smell and is totally non-greasy. Infact it gets absorbed instantly and does'nt leave a layer thus causing me not to worry about the dirt and grime outside sticking to my skin. While this will work perfect for me in Mumbai, knowing my skin type this won't work for me in severe colder climates and will have to be combined with other products. But stand alone in the current weather conditions, I would rate this 7.5/10. Priced at Rs. 495/- for 250 ml, its a super buy especially for the ones looking at softening and repairing their skin.

The Citronella Insect Repellent Spray from the Foressence range

The Foressence range products mainly contain ingredients available in the forrests. The Citronella Insect Repellent spray contains citronella, eucalyptus oil and lemon grass oil, all natural insect repellents. It has a strong but pleasant smell. When I received this, I was super confused as to how do I test this out as I don't really have an issue of insectss or mosquitoes in my house. But then we started having regular power cuts in the night and that is when the spray came to my rescue - when the stupid musquitoes started biting me as the fans were not on :) I also went on a trip to the North and used to religiously apply this every night and POOF there was nothing biting me! If you are looking at wearing it over 6 hours, a re-application is recommended. I would rate this 7/10. Priced at Rs. 450/-  for 100 ml, its steep in price compared to the other musquito repellent creams, but for the natural ingredients that it contains, its a suggested buy.

All products of The Nature's Co. have a minimum shelf life of 18 months and they have Recycle bins in the stores where they encourage consumers to bring back the empty bottles for recycling. They have 1 store in Delhi and 2 stores in Mumbai where they offer complimentary spa services alongwith sale of products.

To know more about them as well as buy their products online, you can check out their website and their Facebook page . Do let me know about your buys! :)

Till the next post, Ciao!

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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

My A-J-Store Dress

Online shopping is my new time-pass activity these days - quite an expensive one I must say ;)! A few weeks back I decided to check out the A-J-Store on facebook and landed up buying 2 awesome dresses! This store provides you the hottest styles effortlessly. I would have bought nearly 90% of the store ;) but sadly most of it was either booked or sold out.. Not surprising at all considering the fabulous picks it has!

I wore one of the dresses on the very next day that the package arrived.. Couldn't wait! But I wore the dress a little differently. I wore it as a tunic with a belt along with a pink bag and the outcome(according  to me) was amazing!


Dress - A-J-Store, Tights - Local store in Bandra, Belt - Singapore, Shoes - Delhi, Pink Bag - Bangkok
You guys can check out the store at the Facebook page here and blog shop here!

I am eagerly waiting for the next collection cause I am certain that this is one store I am surely going back to shop at :D

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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The Short Denim Skirt

Just like one must have a LBD in their wardrobe, one must have a short denim skirt too.. A staple for me! I can't live without mine.. You can wear it in any season - in the summers and rains just the way it is with a nice top, and in winters layer it with tights/warmers below and a nice sweater and jacket.. I usually pair them with sleeveless tops or shirts.. A versatile piece that never goes out of style :) Its cute, its fun and most of all CONVENIENT!

I wear mine quite frequently and they are must pack pieces for my holidays. Here is how I wore them on a few occasions!


The problem is that I'm bottom heavy, so I have to take care of the length when I choose short denim skirts to buy which is the concern for most pear shaped people.. I am jealous totally envy the ones with not so heavy bottoms and great legs but then what the heck - as long as I buy the right ones and carry it off with the right attitude(and workout - which it motivates me to), All is Well! ;)

Would love to see how you wear your short denim skirts. You can post the pics on my FB page :)

Thursday, August 25, 2011

A year since it all began....

Anniversaries I am sure are important moments in everyone's lives - until and unless you are a guy and forget ;)! Wedding anniversaries definitely top most peoples lists according to me :) Isn't it?

PS and me celebrated our first anniversary in June, but that's not the anniversary that this post is about ;) :O Then what you must be wondering!! Well its about the anniversary that we celebrated to commemorate a year since we first met. That was when we were also completing the first six months of getting married. The feeling on that day was very different from what I felt on my wedding anniversary. It was predominantly a feeling of thankfulness to God for having brought PS into my life :D

And this is what I wore on that special nite to add sparkle to the great time that lay ahead! :)

Sparkle Top, Multi String Silver neck piece & Multi colored stones belt - Ri(t)ch Styles
Skirt- Forever 21
Bracelet - Colaba Causeway

 Silver Sandals - Shoebiz

Silver Clutch - Globus

Which anniversaries are important for you guys and why? Drop a line and tell me :)

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Friday, July 22, 2011

Shimmer at Jean Claude Biguine :)

I don't know about you guys, but this week started on a really stressful note for me, not so much due to work but more so because of the longgggggggg travel hours due to the non stop rain. The rain also played havoc with my skin, starting to make it look dull and hence I HAD TO find a solution to do away with both my problems. Deciding to go in for a midweek spa therapy :D, I zeroed down on Jean Claude Biguine (JCB) at Colaba for the perfect session of pampering that my past experience at their Bandra salon had taught me along with recommendations from quite a few people.

Headquartered out of Paris with numerous salons around the globe, JCB has been present in India since 2008. With five branches in Mumbai (Bandra, Lower Parel, Kemps Corner, Colaba & Juhu) and one in Bangalore (Vittal Mallaya Road), they provide innovative beauty solutions ranging from head to toe under a single roof.

As the day started, I couldn't wait for it to get over ;) And when it got over, you should have seen the speed with which I rushed! Located at Woodhouse Road, the place is the newest of the lot in Mumbai. Stepping in, I was warmly greeted by the Salon Manager - Gunjan who then gave me a complete overview of the services they offer, for me to plan what to get done. Hair services, facials, body therapies, mani-pedis (whew!), there was quite a choice. The products they use in all the treatments are atleast  90% organic, if not more :)

Organic Products used in their individual kits(one kit for one person for one facial to maintain hygiene)
Gunjan then introduced me to Sandra ( a really sweet French therapist) who sat with me to understand my requirement. Since my mission was to look and feel good - inside and out, we settled on what I was going to get done - a Phytomer body therapy. Phytomer is a top of the range French brand of Marine cosmetics made with different sea elements and algae, which I was told works wonders on the skin. She recommended the 'Satin Shimmer' treatment which would revive my skin and bring out its natural shine along with making it smooth. I was set! She led me to one of the spa rooms and how time flew for the next one hour I just didn't realize. :D

The Spa room
Phytomer products to be used for the 'Satin Shimmer' therapy
The therapy involved 3 steps:
  1. a toning body scrub of sea salts to get rid of the dead skin
  2. a marine body mask to detoxify the skin which I could actually feel penetrating my skin with a different kind of tingling feeling all over. I was wrapped like a mummy  :O for over 15 minutes while Sandra gave a nice head and foot massage to further relax me ( there is a slight seaweed smell which some people may not like but bearing it is worth the result)
  3. a hydracontinue body milk moisturisation to hydrate and seal in the moisture of the body
I was mighty impressed with the results and there was this lovely shine to my skin :) A very happy me!!!

I'm already considering my next visit for their Kerastase hair therapy where they electronically analyze the scalp and then suggest the treatment. For this too they have have a separate Kerastase treatment room where there is no disturbance while you are being taken care of.

Kerastase Room
JCB offers loyalty cards to their regular customers which entitle them to special privileges. They keep running regular offers too like they are currently offering a stylish umbrella on spends worth Rs. 2,000 or more across all salons. Specifically, JCB Colaba is offering unlimited services for a month for Rs. 30,000.

For those who are planning their next spa treatment, I would surely recommend JCB! Do let me know how your experience was :)

Thursday, July 21, 2011


The past weekend was a movie weekend for me after ages... I saw Delhi Belly(What were they thinking while making it??!! Like seriously??!!) and Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara(Loved it!!! Especially Farhan Akhtar <3). Totally opposite reactions but absolutely satisfied after appeasing my movie buds :D

The rain Gods showered us with non stop rain in the weekend and the clouds had come really low.. It looked like there was white candy floss right outside my windows which I could reach out to and pull and pop into my mouth! Sigh! How I wish I could! But none the less, the view from my house is getting better and better with so much greenery thanks to the rains.. PS and me love to sit and gaze out of the full length windows sipping on green tea and chit chatting.. Its soooo peaceful and much needed in our fast paced lives at the moment.. Also with him travelling, I haven't been able to click any pics lately and finally could click some this weekend. :)

I wore printed floral tights to one of the movies.. Perfect cause they add some brightness, and light enough to dry up soon in case I get wet - which I enjoy love to do ;)

Floral Printed tights - Only, Tunic - Westside, Silver flats - Billabong export surplus from Hill road (Earlier seen here)

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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Colored Jeans

Every Girl's CURRENT love - Colored Jeans!!!!! I'm so confused which one to pick up... I'm sure about the yellow but still doing eenie meenie mo between pink, orange and green! And there are so many colors still left to choose from.... Phew!




Have I confused you also? ;-) 

Thursday, June 23, 2011

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