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The Himalaya Anti-Hair Fall Range #4FabulousHair

Hair fall is something that all of us suffer from at some point in our lives. Aging, climatic conditions, stress, hormonal ups and downs, all these in some way are responsible for hair fall and eventually hair loss for a lot of us. For me, my hair is my crowning glory and if that gets affected, it affects my confidence levels like crazy. I noticed hair fall recently on my USA trip which most people told me was very normal due to the water and weather change, but for me it became a constant worry. Once I got back to India, it did reduce but wasn't normal like before. By normal I mean no worries about hair loss as other than post pregnancy I never had to worry about it! A week after my return from the USA, I figured I needed a cure and thankfully while unboxing all my packages came across what I exactly needed. In my absence, Himalaya had sent me their new Anti-Hair Fall Range, and it has been a blessing because not only has my hair fall has reduced considerably but my hair also feels healthier in the last 2 weeks since I have started using it.

The Himalaya Anti-Hair Fall range consists of the Himalaya Anti-Hair Fall Hair Oil, Anti-Hair Fall Shampoo, Anti-Hair Fall Conditioner and the Anti-Hair Fall Cream. My routine consists of using all these 4 together in order to see results. Bhringaraja (False Daisy) is the key ingredient of this range and it arrests hair fall, premature graying and improves overall hair growth. 2-3 times a week, I use a simple four-step routine with this range that I going to run you through, along with details on every product.

The Himalaya Anti-Hair Fall Hair Oil

This is the first step of the routine wherein I use the Himalaya Anti-Hair Fall Hair Oil for a gentle scalp massage using circular motions. Other than Bhringaraja, the oil is enriched with  Amalaki, and they together strengthen the hair root, stimulate hair growth and prevent hair fall. I generally massage the oil into my scalp and leave it for an hour before washing it off. At times I use a hot towel so that the oil gets absorbed even more into my cuticles and feels like a mini spa right in my own house. The oil is not sticky and that is why I love it even more! It costs INR 100 for 100 ml.

The Himalaya Anti-Hair Fall Shampoo

This is the next step of the routine wherein I use the Himalaya Anti-Hair Fall Shampoo. I use it twice. The first time I use it, I lather my hair and leave it for at least 2 to 3 minutes to loosen up the oil so that it gets washed out easily. The second time I leave it for about a minute or 2 and then wash it out and my hair feels squeaky clean. Other than Bhringaraja, the shampoo contains Butea Frondosa that provides nourishment to hair shafts and strengthens them. It costs for INR 130 for 200 ml. You also get variants - 400 ml for INR 220, and 700 ml for INR 360.

The Himalaya Anti-Hair Fall Conditioner

This is the third step of the routine where I apply the Himalaya Anti-Hair Fall Conditioner along the length of my hair. I leave it for 2 minutes and then rinse it off. Other than Bhringaraja, the conditioner comprises of Butea Frondosa and Chickpea. Chickpea is known to contain a high amount of folate that renews the cells that aid in hair growth. It costs INR 90 for 100 ml.

The Himalaya Anti-Hair Fall Cream

The usage of the Himalaya Anti-Hair Fall Cream is the final step in the routine and is a daily use formula. After I towel dry my hair, I massage this into damp hair and then let it dry naturally or blow dry my hair post application. The result is silky, shiny, smooth and untangled hair. You also can use it as Step 1 wherein you replace the oil with the cream before you execute the rest of the routine. For best results use generously, wrap a hot towel and leave in for 30 minutes before washing. The ingredients are the same as the Himalaya Anti-Hair Fall Hair Oil. The product is really pocket friendly and costs INR 75 for 100 ml.

Himalaya has been one of my go to brands for my daughter and for myself for skincare, and with the new Himlaya Anti-Hair Fall Range, I am quite impressed with their hair care range too now. If you too are suffering from hair fall issues, you now know how you can get fabulous hair - just get you hands on The Himalaya Anti-Hair Fall range! 

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