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The VLCC Coolsculpt! #VLCCStyleStatements

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A woman goes through a lot in her life, be it pregnancy or hormonal changes with changing age, that make us put on weight. Due to the constant pressure of being on top of things at home and office, we are more than often left with no time for ourselves, especially during those years when you have a baby or small child at home. Sadly, exercise and hitting the gym is not a privilege a lot of us get and eventually the fat cells stay in our body and we develop bulging tummies and love-handles that don't look good at all. Becoming a mommy is one of the busiest jobs in the world as you are constantly running behind the kids to feed them, clean them, play with them and help them learn new stuff. Before Aryaa was born I would regularly go to the gym to be in shape, but after her birth, my days are spent in working and spending time with her and I am left with no time to go to the gym. I did join martial arts classes a few months back, but couldn't continue going to the class because of time constraints.

Now that I am heading to the US for a vacation, I want to lose some weight because no one comes back from the US without weight gain, and I cannot afford to add anymore to my already increased weight! Since I have to finish my work commitments before I head for my vacation, my schedules are going to be super busy and as always, I am not going to have time to go the gym. Hence a few days ago I started finding out other safe options that would work for me since there are so many these days, and came across this really cool concept by VLCC called the VLCC Coolsculpt. Coolsculpting is a non-surgical way to reduce excess fat from the body without harming or damaging other cells or tissues. Confused when I say non-surgical way to reduce fat? Believe me, it's not impossible, and I am going to tell you all about it.

Coolsculpting uses a patented ultra-low temperature spot cooling process called Cryolipolysis which targets the excess fat areas of the body and freezes the fat in those particular areas. There is a special type of white blood cells in our body called Macrophages which digest and consume these crystallized fat cells, and the debris of the same are slowly cleared through the lymphatic system which leads to a permanent reduction of the fat cells of up to 25% from the treated areas. What made me zero down on this concept was that in traditional weight-loss programs, the size of the fat cells reduce but their number doesn't change, while via Coolsculpting the number of cells itself reduce. For this treatment, a special combination gel and film is used so as to protect the skin from damage caused by low temperatures. Each part of the body is treated with a different applicator depending on the shape of the body part to be treated, so that the result is optimum.

This VLCC Coolsculpt treatment is FDA approved. One sitting of the treatment can start showing results within two weeks and within three months you will be back in shape. No change in the lifestyle, no crash diets, no worries of taking artificial supplements - getting back into shape becomes a breeze with the help of this treatment that also has no side effects. 😊

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  1. Coolsculpting has been an amazing non surgical approach to smaller pockets of fat. Expectations must be kept in check. 25-30 percent reduction is considered a success with coolsculpting. The procedure is helping to tighten skin as well in a significant way. Shop around for prices, they may look the same on the surface, but they are not.

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