Friday, November 3, 2017

My #BabyGotPlans! What about yours?

Aryaa is the best thing happened to me. She is very precious to me and hence I will always want to have the best for my little princess. As Aryaa was a planned baby, Prateek and I had taken note of all the responsibilities that would come along with her birth and we were prepared to face those challenges. The joy of parenthood is beyond explanation, and thus taking extra care about certain things are a must in order to provide her with the best possible future. Other than making sure our ecosystem is in place, we make sure we teach her the right values and plan a life for her which is happy and where she always has her family around.

However, life can be unpredictable at times, things may not go as per the plan. So having  Plan B as a backup is also very important. First thing after Aryaa was born, we made sure we invested a good amount into insurance policies that could protect her needs at certain stages in life. Child Insurances of different kinds can cover up the expenses of funding education, unexpected medical or family emergencies, or can become a security income for your child. Every parent should take time out and invest in a good child insurance plan so that their children have a secure future that will allow them to follow their own dreams when they grow up. While doing my research on which child insurance plans would benefit Aryaa the most, I was referred by a friend to the child insurance plans offered by IDBI Federal Life Insurance. They offer customized plans which can help fulfill the needs of your child. 

If you have come across their recent campaign #BabyGotPlans, you will know why child insurance is so important and needs to be well planned. With the changing world and increasing cost of living, we all need to have a well-planned future for our children so that they can live up to their dreams and aspirations. 

I thought the video was very cute, in fact, they are running a contest for their next #BabyGotPlans video. Does your kiddo love the shutterbugs? Send his/her photo with a caption on, & he/she could be a part of their next #BabyGotPlans digital video! Read all T&C here - last day to send in entries is 5th November.

Here is my entry for Aryaa!

I am always ready for the camera! Shoot away!

Send in yours too soon!

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