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Top 5 ways to celebrate Children's Day!

With Children's Day just around the corner, all I can recall are my childhood days when the day meant so much. At school it would be a fun day filled with fun activities and at home too my parents would plan something. Now that Aryaa has also joined school, she too will have celebrations there, but I also want to make the day special for her by giving her some surprises at home as well. Just like my parents made it special for me, I too want to keep the vibe of Children's Day all through the day for her even when she comes back home. After all who doesn't love surprises? With Aryaa I am going to relive my childhood and create new memories with her on Children's Day. I have planned a couple of things to do with her once she is back from school, and here are 5 of my ideas for you too, incase you want to plan something on similar lines for your kids! There is going to nothing more precious than that smile and happiness on her face when she in indulging in all of these!

1. Evening by the beach

Aryaa has an undying love for beaches because she knows she can play endlessly with sand, run around all over and jump into the water. You have to see the excitement on her face, whenever we decide to hit the beach. She knows exactly which toys she would need to take along to play and make her sand houses. A picnic basket would be the perfect accompaniment to make it a perfect evening.

2. Gifting a plant

With her lessons in school, Aryaa now recognizes colour and this children's day I plan to gift her a plant that has flowers in her favourite colour and that she can take care of. It will be her plant that she will water everyday and this will also induce the feeling of caring for nature in her. I am sure seeing flowers blooming in a plant that she takes care of will give her immense happiness.

3. Camping on the Terrace

If an aeroplane  is passing by the sky, Aryaa is the first person to spot it and tell us about it. Now that she has extensively travelled at this age, be it within India or internationally she enjoys the plane journey and the excitement of going somewhere and the sights from a plane, so she loves spotting them. She also loves looking for stars in the sky which is such a rare occurrence in Mumbai. Luckily I have a huge terrace attached to my parents house where I can set up a tent with some chips and drinks for her and just stare at the night pass by. A sleep over in the tent will be amazing! She enjoys helping out and trying new stuff and I am sure she will enjoy this fun activity as well. In fact she already has a mini tent which she plays in, so a big one will only excite her more.

4. Plunging in the pool

Like I told you, Aryaa is a water baby, and cannot resist getting into the water if she sees a swimming pool around her. She loves her swim time and I don't remember any of my trips where I have not carried her swim wear. Knowing her love for the water and here excitement to get into the pool, I have already gotten her a mini pool for this Children's Day that you can inflate at home and set it up whenever there is a chance to do so and have a good time. 

5. Pinning up good times

It is always a good idea to keep a record of memories that you can revisit time and again. In the era of everything being digital, somewhere the joys of printing photographs, collecting slam books has faded. I have my wall of photographs where there is a happy feeling about every memory put up there, but I want Aryaa to understand the importance of having physical memories as well. So for Aryaa to inculcate those values, I have got her a soft board to install on one of her room walls. Here she can pin up her best memories and achievements on the soft board, be it pictures, drawings, cards or craft projects that she does. It is very important to teach our children to cherish their memories, success and happiness. 

However the ending to the day has to be really special and the key to her happiness is chocolate! So what better than a pack of Cadbury Dairy Milk as well because after all she deserves it for the sweetheart that she is.

Whether at the beach, pool or tent, it can be her perfect companion! The reason why I have decided to write about celebrating Children's Day at home is that, most people don't do it, but for the kids it will be a surprise to see their parents not being strict and behaving like kids with them. Hope you guys have enough ideas now to make Children's Day exciting and meaningful, and don't forget to add the Dairy Milk to make it even more special! 😊

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  1. Nice ideas. Mostly I take the kids out for lunch and a movie.

  2. Some very good ideas. My daughter's birthday falls on Children's Day so it's more reason to celebrate:)

  3. Nice ideas to spend time with kids.

  4. Lovely ideas! I love camping on the terrace.

  5. Fun ideas. I make a card for my daughter every year on children's day.


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