Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Nails On Fleek - November & December 2017!

I can't believe that 2017 is coming to an end already! I mean it just zoomed by so so fast. But none the less, it has been a great great year and I went back to doing my nails at the end of this year after about 3 and a half years. I had stopped getting my gel nails done when I had Aryaa, as initially I was scared of hurting her soft skin and I also used to feed her with my hand. But now that she is over 3, I have gone back to getting them done and trust me there is no better feeling than your nails being on fleek. I have been sharing updates on my social media but I know that all of you don't follow me there, so this post is just to show you my pretty pretty nails from the last 2 months!

November - Glitter Tip Nails

This style goes with any outfit be it Indian wear or Western wear and especially when you have a wedding to attend to like I did, this was just the perfect thing to get done. I liked how just like in a French manicure one gets white tips done, this one has glitter tips, and honestly I loved this a lot more than a French manicure. Gold is my favourite hence I went for gold tips, but you can get glitter in any other colour done too when you go for this style.

December - Shatter Glass Nails

I found the shatter glass effect perfect for Christmas thanks to the number of reflective colours it had - green, orange, purple, golden and red. I went for a black base so that the colours would show up as well as go perfectly with it. There were more reflective colours that I could have chosen for the flecks but I decided to go with colours that matched the holiday season. It also was quite a bold change from my glitter nails in November and I guess by far this is the most experimental pattern I have ever gone for.

Now just to let you know, not all my nails are with extensions. Infact only 3 have extensions and rest are all my natural nails and that is what makes me happier and more willing to do this every month. Soon I will be removing my extensions from the nails that I have them on, once they grow to the desired length and I am looking forward to doing that. If you take good care of your nails, you will never need extensions and just the gel overlays will be more than enough. So if you have good nails, never go in for extensions as having your natural nails are always the best. From my end, I will keep updating you will all my nail stories, and if you have any questions or suggestion, please feel free to drop them below in the comments or email me on

Till the next time - Keep your Nails On Fleek!

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