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Summer Clothing Tips for Toddlers to Beat the Heat!

Ri(t)ch Styles Bumchums Kidswear Summer Tips

As the summer has started to set in, dressing Aryaa up has become tricky business, because she as most kids just can't bear the heat! 40 degrees in March itself is a terrible thing to face, and when I can't bear it being an adult, imagine how much worse our little ones must be feeling. This year with summer setting in early, we need to start prepping up in advance too. When it comes to dressing up our toddlers, here are a few simple tips that you can keep in mind to help them beat the soaring mercury!
  1. Material - Cotton clothes for our toddlers is a must because cotton absorbs the sweat unlike synthetic fabrics. Thus the child's skin stays cooler as it gets to breathe. The cotton clothes that you pick up should be of good quality as toddlers have sensitive skin, and it can easily break into a rash in the heat because of the not so great quality of the outfit, so be very careful.
  2. Colour - Make them wear light coloured clothes as it reflects heat.
  3. Fit - Dress your toddler in loose fitting clothes so that they stay comfortable and the clothes don't cling to them while sweating.
  4. Ideal Outfits - Shorts/short skirts with tshirts, and dresses are the ideal outfits for the season.
  5. Additional Protection - When stepping out in the sun, a hat/cap would be great to protect their head from the heat, and sunglasses would protect their eyes from the harsh rays and light.
I am very particular about the quality of Aryaa's clothes, just as I mentioned in my first point, and one such great quality brand that I have recently come across is Bumchums, that retails online. As cool as the name, the outfits are smart and trendy, and summer perfect for our fashionable toddlers. The Bumchums toddlers' range is made of super soft fabrics that are maintained with the Fabric Hygiene System – Fabgiene, that offers comfort like none other. The clothes also have flexi-stitches thus keeping the child's movement hindrance free. Lovely colours and prints add life and charm to the collection. The super cute range comprises of of stylish shorts, sets, t-shirts, sleeveless sets and front open frocks. I zeroed down on my favourites from the range to share with you all, so here you go!

Cute Printed T-shirts
Bright colours and super cute rubber prints, along with being sleeveless is what I loved about these t-shirts.

Ri(t)ch Styles Bumchums Kidswear Summer Tips Kiddie Summer Set 1

Stylish Two Piece Half Sleeve Sets
I loved both the varieties here, be it the one with the rubber prints on the chest and shorts, or the front button fully printed set. The colours are so refreshing and how cute does it look!

Ri(t)ch Styles Bumchums Kidswear Summer Tips Kiddie Summer Set 4

Adorable Front Open Frock
Aryaa loves this frock. It's is comfortable, airy, and a beautiful red colour with cute prints. 

Ri(t)ch Styles Bumchums Kidswear Summer Tips Kiddie Summer Set 2

Stylish Two Piece Sleeveless Sets
The dual colour combinations, the contrast piping, the colours and the summer friendly sleeveless style, is what makes these my favourites! These are perfect for nightwear too during summer nights.

Ri(t)ch Styles Bumchums Kidswear Summer Tips Kiddie Summer Set 3

What will surprise you is how pocket friendly all of this is - nothing crosses INR 180! You don't believe me right? Well then log on right now and check it out for yourself -

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