Friday, April 28, 2017

Dettol wins children's hearts with giant bubbles!

One of the most difficult tasks for parents is to make their kids wash their hands. Small kids firstly do not understand the reason to wash their hands so many times, plus they find it very boring. Now kids are most prone to infections when they step out. Melas/Indian fairs are where they really enjoy, be it the rides, games and food, the fun is never-ending. But it is also the place where they pick up a lot of germs since in most cases they play and then rush to eat without washing their hands. To combat this problem, Dettol organized an activity in fairs across India to make the process of hand washing an enjoyable experience for children.

They chose an activity that kids really enjoy – bursting bubbles! By creating a unique solution formulated with Dettol Handwash, giant bubbles were blown at the melas near the food stalls. It was but obvious that it would make the kids excited, and when they burst the bubbles, their hands turned soapy and then they had to wash them. As a next step, Dettol placed their representatives to wash their hands, thus completing the hand washing process in a way that kids love. Dettol also created Bubble Guns for children, so that they can also take home all the fun and protection. This way the good habit will continue at home or anywhere else while having some fun as well.

With the successful implementation of the idea, Dettol is now planning to make this activity a regular feature every year in over 100 fairs in India which is really inspiring.

As a parent, I think this idea is a delightful and creative initiative by Dettol, and it really gets the children to wash their hands with an activity they enjoy and cherish!

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