Sunday, August 30, 2015

Monsoon Magic at JUICE! #GetTheLookWithJUICE Contest! (Entries Closed)

Monsoons can be a real dampner for most of us as far as our hair is concerned. While my hair grows much faster during monsoons, the humidity squeezes the life out of it and leaves it lacking volume and bounce along with losing shape due to the speed at which it grows. Hence a haircut is imperative for me in between the monsoon season every year. While I have tried different salons every year for my monsoon cut, no one ever gave me the desired effect that I wanted - a hair cut that would look voluminous and not get weighed down by the humidity, and also be a style that would not lose shape too soon after the cut. 

This year when the acclaimed hair experts at JUICE claimed to have come up with monsoon specific haircuts, I was skeptical as well as excited to try a look since I had more or less come to a conclusion that monsoon specific hair cuts were a myth. Nevertheless I decided to make a one last attempt and thankfully it isn't going to be my last attempt because I was given the most wonderful haircut I have had in years! Here is my experience for you guys :-) (and I also have a contest for you post the experiential!)

This was how I walked into the salon!

The process started with a hair wash as my hair was to be cut when wet.

And then started the chopping :)

I was given the haircut by Priti Sawant - Creative Director of the Vashi and Kemps Corner salon. She decided to give me a multiple layered cut at the back to give me volume, with softer layers at the front. For the crown we decided to go for a side swept fringe but the best part of this fringe was that we decided to change the direction of my hair parting and that was what made the most difference to this haircut.

Done Dana Done Done! How fabulous does this look!!

You can actually see the voluminous look that this haircut gives and how much changing the side of the fringe also has made a difference!

It's been a few weeks since I got the haircut and it is totally a fuss free haircut to style. You can just towel dry your hair, comb it and let it air dry on its own and it still looks perfect. You don't need to use any heat devices to style your hair. This has been one of the most no hassle haircuts that I have gotten done in my life and I know I am going to go back to JUICE again in the future for my haircuts. Haircuts with a Creative Director start from INR 1800/- onwards.

Thank you JUICE for proving to me that monsoon haircuts are not a myth ;-) BTW, they have styles for men too, so all the men out there reading this post, do try out their services.

Now to the exciting part of this post - CONTEST ALERT!

 Participate in the '#GetTheLookWithJuice' contest and you could win a free 'Monsoon Makeover' at JUICE Salon.

Here's my question
How do you like to style your hair during monsoons?

Here is how you can participate:

We have an Instagram contest coming up too so stay tuned! :)

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Thursday, August 27, 2015

Reasons for hair damage and my recommended solution! :)

My hair for me is what makes the day or breaks the day. If I am stepping out and my hair is not ok, you will very evidently see me not being my usual self cause my hair plays a huge role in my confidence levels as well. Well a bad hair also happens to a lot of us because of hair damage which is caused by
  • weather changes that cause the hair to be subjected to varying temperatures and too much sun
  • hormonal changes
  • nutritional imbalance
  • chemical damages like bleaching, perming, over colouring the hair, straightening with strong chemicals
  • using a very strong shampoo and conditoner
  • using a wrong shampoo or conditioner not suited for your hair type or not treatment specific incase your hair is coloured or chemically treated
  • brushing wet hair
  • over towelling causing friction and breakage
  • daily heat exposure for styling
  • overdose of styling products
  • tying hair too tight
  • not using oil on a regular basis

All this hair damage can result in
  • hair breakage
  • hair fall
  • split ends
  • dandruff
  • roughness

Such damages make people want to cut their hair short but in most cases it's personal wrong doing which people never want to admit to. They make it sound more like how they want a change in their lives and hence have decided to go short. I cut my hair as I underwent hair damage due to hormonal reasons but to grow it back to a size that I could experiment again with was all thanks to Dabur Vatika Enriched Coconut Hair Oil enriched with the goodness of 8 herbs which is why it is a wonder product! While you cannot undo the damage, you can always do damage control and this product is perfect for that. Apply it overnight or if in a hurry before your bath and you are bound to see the damage in your hair reduce.

You can also take a very small amount and use it to detangle your hair after you wash your hair. This avoids breakages caused while detangling hair. The fragrance is lovely and the oil is not at all sticky thus keeping away your stresses of landing up with sticky hair. You can read my experience with the oil here for you to know why I strongly recommend it :)

Also along with using the oil try to correct what you might be doing wrong as listed as reasons above to reduce hair damage in the future :)

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Saturday, August 15, 2015

The Children’s Place set to rock your kid's world!

I loveee shopping from the US and shopping for my baby has been no different :) Well name the brands and she has been pampered with most of them thanks to cousins in the US who I order and get her stuff delivered to and they bring it along with them when they visit us. One such brand that I love is The Children’s Place which is one of the leading kids fashion brand from the USA and is present across 9 countries worldwide. The fantabulous news is that they have launched today i.e 15th of August, 2015 with an exclusive store at the Orion Mall, Bangalore and are going to be  the perfect shopping partner to parents, meeting their needs through deep consumer insights and design functionalities. Parents with kids between 0-14 years, you now don't need to stress your brains when it comes to shopping for your kids as you now have The Children’s Place which will be the first of its kind Kid’s fashion retail format in India.
The Children’s Place will offer head to toe outfitting solutions from cute everyday casuals to dressy party wear. It will be a one stop shopping destinations for kids of all ages; from newborn to big kids, boys and girls. You will be spoilt for choice with a wide variety of apparel, footwear and accessories in designs and prices that you are going to love! It's also going to be the perfect resource when it comes to gifts. Sounds sooo exciting!

Their launch is going to be full of super cute stuff and I have put together some looks that I am going to go and pick up on my next trip to Bangalore from their store. :)

Pink & Polka Baby Girl Set

Baby Leopard

Rock Chic!

Baby Set: Party Princess

I can't wait to head to Bangalore to go pick up all these clothes for Aryaa and I envy all the lucky Bangaloreans who are going to have the advantage over the rest of the country from today itself.

Brought to you by Arvind Lifestyle Brands Limited, their expanison plans are also biggggg and I will be bringing you more news in the recent future! For now to know more you can head to their social media pages:
Instagram :

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Saturday, August 8, 2015

TV on the GO for today's Nonstop Generation

Life is all about being on the move these days! The smartphone is now becoming everyone’s lifeline. People handle all their mails, social networking, banking, shopping and travel bookings right from their phone. With life getting hectic and competitive, one doesn’t really get any spare time for leisure anymore. All you can do after coming home from work or after working all day long is get some good food and some beer ;-) I myself as a blogger am so loaded with assignments and travel for events in the city, that the little time I am left is all about stress busting by spending time with my baby girl. Finding time to watch TV is really difficult. If after spending time with my daughter I have any time left at home, I use it for reading, listening to music and at times a little movie watching only if the baby is asleep as I’m doing all it takes to keep her away from the TV bug. Till a while ago my dilemma’s were - How do I quench my thirst for some TV watching? I am sure people watch TV on their big fancy LEDs at home but how do I find the time do so. What if it was possible to watch my favourite Indian TV shows on my Phone? What if, what if and what if! These questions went unanswered for a while and then I found an answer to all my questions.

Imagine if I told you that you could watch your favourite Indian TV shows and movies right on your phone whenever you have time to spare like a Premium Entertainment destination . Works brilliantly right!  Just like I have my own shows that I like watching on TV (not the Saas Bahu serials but the lighter fun ones once in a while), you must be having favourites too! So here it is - out of the host of live TV streaming apps I have tried in the market, nexGTv is the app that I am talking about which helps you watch TV on your phone in the most uncluttered and user friendly way with the ultimate entertainment experience.

1. Easy navigation
The best way for me to test the convenience of this app was to ask my mom to use the app and this is what she experienced. The home page is very easy to navigate. You have all your different categories such as the latest TV shows, breaking news, trending videos, latest movies and music zone listed from where you can access the one you want to watch. How simple could it be! If you want to go into earlier episodes you just need to click on the TV Shows icon in the bottom bar and you have all the past episodes of all the shows available. She was really happy with the fact that the comedy premium shows were available and she had all her funny episodes in one place to watch for hours.

2. Huge variety at your finger tips
At the bottom of the screen you have different tabs dedicated to 150 Live TV channels, TV shows, movies from Hollywood & Bollywood (in different languages), songs and video on demand. You have exclusive content that they generate from time to time. It’s like a dream come true where you can choose from more than you could ever imagine to find in one place once upon a time!

3. Network friendly
The app has something called as adaptive bit rate streaming which allows you to stream content even if you have a 2g data plan. This works even for the smaller towns and cities where 3g is an issue and also when we have network issues while travelling.

4. Economical deal
You have access to premium content on the app for as less as INR 125 for a month which makes this app the perfect solution for entertainment for the non-stop generation. 

All these together have made TV watching and catching up on a lot of missed shows a lot more easy and fun and convenient for a new mom like me who has a number of reasons to use this app as her entertainment destination. But even if you have no reasons, this is just highly convenient for anybody and everybody at such a low price . My recommendation - go check it out!

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Friday, August 7, 2015

Precious moments with Calvin Klein...

Calvin Klein recently launched two of its most beautiful collections ever, Spellbound for Women and Earth for Men in Mumbai as a part of their A/W 2015 collection launch in India. Ri(t)ch Styles was one of the privileged on the select guest list invited by them to preview the to be launched collections and spend time with the brand and their favourite Diana Penty. The venue was the stunning Asilo at Palladium Hotel and we had a beautiful evening spent with the precious collections by CK as moments seemed to just fly by.

Calvin Klein's every collection makes my heart skip a beat and this time was no different. I fell in love with the gorgeous Spellbound collection where time pieces and jewellery were encapsulated in python embossed leather in stunning colours, and stainless steel to captivate your senses. You are bound to have people asking you about this collection if they see it on you. The grey set from the collection fit in so well with my outfit, that I kept it on for most of the evening :)

There were collections on display other than Spellbound too and my next favourite was the Period 3 collection. I particularly fell for the rose gold watch with a mother of pearl dial. It has a classy design with a bracelet look which is unique and gives the wearer a feeling of being different. Looks very pretty on the hand too :)

The rest of the range was quite stunning too with pretty time pieces and jewellery that could take you from casual to work and day to night.

From the men's range, the Earth collection was definitely my favourite and I particularly liked the aspect where the dial colours had been matched to the strap colours. The ruggedness of the collection was what made it to my must have list as once in a while I do love wearing men's watches for the androgynous appeal and for my love for big dials :)

Other than the highlight which was the Earth collection, Calvin Klein made sure that the men have a huge choice this A/W right from watches to accessories to jewellery.  


These pieces will soon be available across all Calvin Klein outlets for you to own, so keep your patience for a bit just like I am :)

As we were spending precious time with the brand that evening, we shared all our moments with the hashtag 'ckminute' which is a globally used tag for admirers of the brand and evangelists alike celebrating their moments with Calvin Klein watches. Check out my moments across social media with #ckminute to know more on the lovely evening :)

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