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UAE Style Diaries!

My UAE trip specifically to Sharjah was an amazing one a few months ago, with Sharjah Tourism and Air Arabia taking awesome care of us. We travelled across the Sharjah Emirate and I also got a little time to head out to Dubai. The weather we were told would be on the colder side, but that it would rain and turn super cold is not something that I had expected. Thanks to the internet and weather predictions, I had somewhat prepped my packing up with stuff that could protect me to quite an extent, and was glad that my habit of checking the weather before heading anywhere worked in my favour. Bringing to you in this post, some of the outfits that I wore on my trip!

Day 1 - Sharjah City Sightseeing
Dress - Jabong
Jacket - Levis
Sunglasses - Rayban
Coin Bracelet - Globus

 A comfy and stylish outfit, with the denim jacket being the perfect layer to this strappy striped maxi dress that I wore for an entire day of sightseeing in Sharjah city.

Day 1 - Sharjah Light Festival Inauguration
Denims - Lifestyle
Tshirt - Forever 21
Bomber Jacket - Van Heusen
Sneakers - Vero Moda

As the weather turned cold in the evening on the first day, I decided to wear this bomber jacket to protect myself from the winds as the Sharjah Light Festival inauguration was happening at the University and the area was open. Who knew it was going to start pouring, for which this turned out to be the perfect choice!

Day 2 - Sharjah Emirate Sightseeing
Sweatshirt - ONLY
Denims - Forever 21
Sunglasses - Opium Eyewear
Sneakers - Vero Moda

A beautiful day spent that we spent travelling across the Sharjah Emirate and ended with dune bashing at the Mleiha Arachaeological Site. The day went from being sunny to windy to rainy and you can imagine the range of temperatures we witnessed. I was grateful to have worn a warm sweatshirt that packed me up quite well.

Day 3 - Sharjah City Sightseeing
Shirt - Romwe
Maxi Dress - Jabong
Bag - Michael Kors
Sandals - Koovs
Sunglasses - Rayban

When you have to wear something that ideally covers you from head to toe, a maxi dress with a knotted shirt is a cute option. When you are travelling to a place where there are restrictions on the way you dress and  where you are not quite sure of the rules and regulations of a place, it is best to carry such combinations that are chic yet follow the rules. This maxi dress and camouflage shirt combination is one of my personal favourites! 

Day 3 - IMG Dubai
Top - Jabong
Blazer - Nexus
Denims - Forever 21
Golden Bag - Michael Kors
Sneakers - Vero Moda

IMG Dubai is an indoor air conditioned park and so my best bet was a casual blazer over a top, denims and sneakers as I also had to head to Dubai Mall after that.

So these were mainly my outfits from my trip, and as you can see, comfort and style have to go hand in hand for me especially on my trips as I like to make the most out of all the time that I get.

More on my Sharjah experience coming soon! Stay tuned!

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