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#SpeakEIMI with Wella Professionals! Review & Instagram Contest!

Hair care is something that the whole world swears by and when you get hair styling products that style as well as care(protect) your hair, what more can you ask for. Most of us refrain from using hair styling products because we believe it does more harm than good, but with Wella's EIMI range, you can put all those fears to rest. Wella Professionals has been known for the quality of its products and how amazing the effects are, so converting me to a hair styling enthusiast with EIMI was piece of cake for them. I was introduced to the EIMI range by Patrick Cameron, Wella's Global Ambassador and star hairstylist a couple of months ago and I saw him create magic with the products, but since there was an embargo then, I couldn't tell you guys anything about it. Never the less, now I can reveal it all, so I am going to give you a look into their range of 31 products, with a review on their star products that I have been using.

With EIMI, Wella wants everyone to share their style through a global language of individuality and so the range has been inspired by diverse cultures, personalities, eclectic styles and urban trends from across the globe which shape our individual style and unique identity. The EIMI range can help bring out everyone's individual style as the 31 products assist people to create the hairstyle that best suits them and they want to express themselves with. Breakthrough technology and advanced formulas are key to the range and there is something for every need of yours, be it:

Volume: Dry Me, Root Shoot, Sugar Lift, Curl Boost, Perfect Setting, Body Crafter, Natural Volume, Extra Volume, Take Shape, Shape Control

Smoothness: Perfect Me, Velvet Amplifier, Flowing Form, Thermal Image

Texture: Grip Cream, Pearl Styler, Texture Touch, Ocean Spritz, Sculpt Force, Bold Move, Shape Shift, Rugged Texture

 Shine: Just Brilliant, Shimmer Delight, Glam Mist

Finishing Hairsprays: Flexible Finish, Dynamic Fix, Stay Essential, Stay Styled, Absolute Set, Super Set

Now most of you who write in to me with hair styling queries need more details of individual products, so I am picking and choosing the most popular ones and giving you some more information on those.

If you long for a volume boost try the
  • NEW & HERO Dry Me dry shampoo for creating volume and matte texture
  • NEW & HERO Root Shoot for a high precision root lift
  • NEW & HERO Sugar Lift - A spray infused with sugar provides lift, shine and touchable grippy texture

If you love your style to have a smooth finish the try the
  • NEW & HERO Perfect Me – this delicate lotion adds shine, repairs, moisturises and tames fly-aways
  • Thermal Image will give your hair extra heat protection and a smooth finish, especially when styling with hot tools

To pump up the shine factor
  • Just Brilliant to smoothen your hair with shine and anti frizz definition
  • Shimmer Delight  a finishing glossy spray that also reduces frizz
  • Glam Mist a luminous shine spray with shine

To turn on the texture
  • HERO Pearl Styler to create strong and flexible hold and teasable texture with pearl gloss shine
  • HERO Grip Cream to create and manipulate distinctive styles
  • Texture Touch that allows you to rework your style throughout the day
The EIMI range is available at all Wella Professional Salons.

I have been using 3 of their new and hero products - Dry Me, Root Shoot and Perfect Me, and the experience as always with any of Wella's products, has been amazing. Here are my views:

EIMI Dry Me Dry Shampoo

My experience with dry shampoos in the past has not been that great but after I saw how Patrick swore by this product, I had to try it and I was not disappointed one bit. This has got to be my most favourite product from the 3 that I tried, and for a person like me with fine hair who needs to wash her hair every alternate day, this is a total boon! You get amazing volume as your hair gets refreshed because Dry Me absorbs all oil  and leaves your hair all fresh, manageable and reduces the need to wash your hair very frequently. You can definitely go at least a day more without washing your hair. The key ingredient here is Tapioca starch which is great for your hair nourishment as it helps your hair grow faster, controls hair fall and repairs hair damage. You need to shake the can, spray into different sections of your hair, massage, brush you hair and you are sorted. Your hair also smells absolutely divine thanks to Al Fresco, the captivating new floral fragrance that has been used for the entire range.

Price: INR 900 for 180 ml

EIMI Perfect Me Lightweight BB Lotion

Hair BB lotions have been a range abroad and I am glad that finally somebody got it to India. the Perfect Me Lightweight BB Lotion is great for frizzy hair or coloured hair that needs more care. The best part about it is that it is so lightweight that you just don't feel like you have any product in your hair. The texture of Perfect Me is just like a lotion - white, milky and creamy. I usually apply it to my damp hair from the mid-lengths to the ends, and let it air dry or blow dry. It leaves the hair feeling super silky, shiny and smelling great, while it repairs, moisturizes and protects the hair from heat tools, humidity and harmful effects of sun exposure. I also use it to tame flyaways when I am styling my hair to give my hairstyle a clean and sleek appearance.

Price: INR 900 for 100 ml

EIMI Root Shoot Precision Root Mousse

So I had never tried a mousse in my hair, till I got my hands on this one. Reason simply being the myth that a mousse will weight down fine hair and make your hair look all flat. But then this product just changed the whole thought process for me! It's amazing how it just gives life to your hair by giving volume from the roots and actually a visible lift to the crown area when you blow dry. It is perfect for the pouf a fine hair girl like me has always wished to create effortlessly :) The application is a cakewalk as the can has a precise nozzle to spray the mousse directly into the roots right where you need it, and the consistency is such that it allows easy distribution through hair. It contains the Intelligent Care and Protect complex that helps work with wet or damp hair, which detangles hair while it gives volume along with a boost of shine and moisturizing effect. I also use it to create voluminous curls by spraying mousse to the length that I want to create curls with, then tying it into a bun and then blow drying.

Price: INR 900 for 200 ml

You can use these 3 products together to create amazing hairstyles. For the festive season coming up, they are just the products you must have to dazzle away :)


If you love creating hairstyles, then this contest is just for you! 3 of you can win an EIMI hamper comprising of some amazing products by participating in this contest on my Instagram

Contest ends on 5th November 2016 and is open to Indian Residents only.

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