Tuesday, November 7, 2017

USA Style Diaries - Soaking up the Times Square Vibe!

Floral Tank Top - H&M
Olive Green Chinos - Forever 21
Black Tassel Bag - Michael Kors
White Sneakers - Vero Moda
Gold Aviators - Ray Ban

The minute you step into the iconic Times Square in New York, you can feel a vibe absolutely unique to the place. The energy is infectious, I mean there are people literally everywhere, the vibrant neon billboards and digital screens light up the place even during the day, and the shopping options are immense. The place will just overwhelm you. You can just sit there all day and watch the world go by. I of course decided to capture my outfit there, cause it's the only place where you fit in and become a part of the crowd, as well as stand apart simultaneously.

A basic outfit with a pop of floral and colour added by the tank top, was perfect for my day long New York sight seeing(my post on New York will be up soon too). Having started the day when it was cooler, I had a jacket on too, but by the time we reached Times Square, the weather had become really warm and the jacket came off. I loved the outcome of the pictures, as it captured my outfit and the vibe perfectly, and Prateek did a great job of encapsulating it!

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