Thursday, May 21, 2020

Too Stylish, Too Soon?

If you notice these days, not only are adults super stylish, but our young ones are even more stylish. Now there is always a debate going on how much is too much and isn't it too soon to be so particular about their dressing? But I clearly think that as long as it is not over-priced and is pocket-friendly, I think it's all good. Looking dressed to the nine on a budget has always been my policy 90% of the time, and that is what I think matters as far as dressing up Aryaa goes as well. Looking good is important and so we do best what is in our capacity. Sometimes for special occasions it might be an exceptional case, but as long as you know that you are going to wear whatever you are buying more than once and can justify it to yourself, then go right ahead and make your kid wear it. The world will anyway have an opinion to give. So if you ask me - "Too Stylish, Too Soon?", I would say - "Nope! I like my child looking good and she loves to dress up too, and I am not breaking my bank doing it!" 😊

This outfit of Aryaa's including the sunglasses and shoes, is for under INR 1500 and still is super cute and stylish. Trust me to make our children look trendy we don't need to spend a bomb. In fact I know that when Aryaa starts making her own decisions, she will be as budget savvy as her mom and will do complete justice to any look be it for any price. After all, it's about making wise choices and making them work out well for you.

This outfit is currently one of Aryaa's favourites and I picked up everything for her from Hopscotch. She was practically wearing this once a week till lockdown struck us. I love the classic combination of blue and white. What I love even more is the beautiful design of the top and the floral and polka dot cold shoulder design. Aryaa's favourite item from this look are her sunglasses, which she think she looks super cool in. But what you can see at the end of it all is how much she loves the outfit, which is depicted by how joyfully and comfortably she has posed for it in all the pictures that were taken. Now if you achieve your child's happiness without breaking the bank, does anything else matter? 😊

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