Monday, May 11, 2020

Perfect Blue Summer Dress + Styling Tips!

After a white dress, I think nothing screams summer more than a pretty blue dress. I chanced upon a beautiful one which you see above during one of my sourcing sprees, and while it didn't fit my sourcing requirement then, it fit the bill for a beautiful blue summer dress that I always wanted to own and so I bought it that very instant. What made the buy even better was that it's made from pure cotton which makes it even more apt, cool and comfortable to wear for the hot hot weather that we face in the summers. 

The dress get its blue hue from pretty blue pinstripes that it's adorned with, and the tiered panelled design creates a loose, flowy outline which gives the dress a very charming and romantic appeal. It also has cute tasseled ties at the back.

 I have 5 ways to wear the dress. Sometimes just as it is, and sometimes I pair the dress with
  • a simple white tee
  • a puffed sleeves white shirt
  • a simple white shirt
  • a short bell sleeves eyelet fabric (hakoba) white top

As far as footwear is concerned, I teamed it with a pair of blush pink wedge heels, but you can also pair with 
  • white strappy heels if you have an occasion to attend
  • a pair of trainers for running errands
  • strappy sandals for a date night or a cup of coffee with your girls

You can add on simple accessories like a nice long necklace, or a belt on your upper waist, or a hat like I have.

I keep so many options for myself coz when summer comes, and I find something comfy, then I tend to wear it again and again, and so the styling options have to be multiple. If I had the freedom right now to step out, you would be seeing me hitting the streets in all these combinations, but for now let's say it's serving me well as I stay stylish inside the house. 😊

Outfit Details

Dress - Marks & Spencer

Hat - Globus

Heels - Lifestyle

Bracelet - New York & Company

With this blog post we come to the 11th post of my May 2020 Blogging Challenge. Yay! And it's now your turn to submit your blog post links for 11th May 2020. Looking forward to reading your posts! 😍😍😍

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  1. Back to your blog after ages...feels good. just like old times.
    You look fabulous and the dress is adorable. BTW I am back to blogging too. Do visit if you get some time.


    1. Thanks babe! Yes I am loving the regular blogging too!

      Do drop your post links too on the days you post. You can link them a day later :)

  2. Beautiful dress and beautiful you . Following you and trying to learn the blogging .

  3. I loved this dress.. And you look so pretty


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