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6 Ways I am Adapting as a Content Creator during the Covid-19 Lockdown

As the Coronavirus a.k.a Covid-19 pandemic takes over the world, the lockdown has left a lot of content creators trying out different ways how to adjust to what is being thrown at us. Stepping out of the house is not a possibility nor is interaction with anyone other than immediate family members who we live with, and so for me too its been a time where trying to figure out how to continue churning out fresh yet relevant content has not been easy. However, I have kind of worked my way out and deduced what I think works best for me, given the situation and my increased home responsibilities. What I am really thankful about is that I am safe at home along with family, and so adapting and growing with a positive mindset is how I have to approach everything.

Sharing with you 6 Ways I am Adapting as a Content Creator during the Covid-19 Lockdown:

1. I am focusing on my blog on a daily basis
Till the pandemic hit us, I had literally become non-existent on my blog in the last one year. My energies were all focused on platforms that had gained popularity in the last few years, the main one being Instagram, and then my other social media channels. While I used to blog multiple times a month till 2018, in 2019 the frequency came down to once a month, which also had put me in a guilty spot. Every time I planned to blog more, it didn't work out. Until the lockdown happened and then suddenly on the 30th of April, I had a brainwave and I challenged myself to blogging all of May, everyday. So it's a 31 day challenge to blog everyday which I call the May 2020 Blogging Challenge, which a lot of you already know about, and ya I have been successful till now to produce a blog post every day which I am thrilled about. I plan the topic to write on right on the day of the post and then write and publish it, which has helped me put my brain cells on thinking mode and bring out the true blogger in me again. A lot of you have also joined me on this challenge and have been super sweet to drop your links in the link tool that I share after every blog post, and I have been loving reading your blog posts. A lot of you also come here from my social media channels to read my posts and I truly appreciate that. I’m trying to really think on a daily basis about the type of content people want to consume, and am keeping it a healthy mix of food and nutrition, fashion, motherhood, beauty, and entertainment. Planning to add travel to this too very soon, but any suggestions would help, so do drop that in the comments.

2. I am using all my image/video banks to create content that I hadn't shared earlier
In the last few years, I have shot tons of pictures and videos. A couple of them have made it to my social media feeds, but some of them haven't seen the light of day at all. So now I am sorting out everything slowly and steadily, and starting to use the unused ones across my platforms, as well as re-purpose some content that was used on one platform but not on the other. In this way I am able to create content that I hadn't shared earlier. Also for a lot of topics that make sense for now, if I have pictures shot and kept from earlier, then I use those to represent what I want to say. This way I do not have to stress about not being able to shoot regularly.

3. Executing all shoots indoors 
If you live in Mumbai especially in an apartment, then the shoot spaces are limited. When I got my new house done up, I had focused on certain spots as being my shoot spots, but that was also keeping in mind, that I would be regularly shooting outdoors as well. Shooting non stop within the house for over 2 months was never something that I had imagined I would ever have to do in my life, and so obviously the spots I had planned for shoots were not enough. So setting up other spaces within the house to shoot is what I have been upto. Also I am relying heavily on my phone to shoot and my apps on my phone to edit, since prior to the lockdown I worked with photographers, videographers and editors for content execution which is what I still prefer, but till the lockdown extends, I have no choice but to give my best shot on doing it on my own. Thankfully I have Prateek who was my photographer and videographer before I started outsourcing, and so he too has been a great help on this front.

4. Capturing what is keeping me busy during the lockdown
Since the lockdown has been all about relevant and helpful content, one of the best ways to create content is to capture that what keeps you busy right now. So for me, since cooking and keeping Aryaa busy has become my priority, a lot of my content revolves around cooking and activities that Aryaa does with me or on her own, be it music, education, exercise, cleaning, reading, movies or cooking. This way I am able to cater to a lot of current requirements of my followers.

5. Collaborating with other influencers for fun ideas
Before the lockdown, most influencers were completely busy with their own content creation and brand collaborations. But with the pandemic, most brand collaborations and work associated with events and travel have gone for a toss. This is giving most of us time to execute organic collaborations with co-bloggers, and I have had a some great experiences creating organic, innovative and meaningful content for such collaborations.

6. Hosting Saturday Night Instagram live parties in collaboration with a DJ
So for the first couple of weeks of the lockdown, I hosted a few Saturday Night Parties by collaborating with a DJ and taking requests from followers. I used to go live with the DJ for an hour on Saturday nights, where my followers would also join in and then we would dance away for the next one hour. It got a fabulous response and everyone who joined in, loved the idea. A leg injury made it difficult for me to continue with the Saturday Night Parties, but now that I am nearly recovered, the plan is to host them again with different DJs churning out some amazing sets, and so stay tuned for it on my Instagram. 

If you are a content creator reading this blog post, then how have you adapted during the Covid-19 pandemic? I hope for some of you it also is helpful. And if you are a reader of my blog or a follower on my social media channels, then do share your feedback on whether the ways I have adapted to create content for you, works for you or not, or if you have any suggestions as far as creating content for you goes, then do share it in the comments.

With this blog post, we come to the 14th post of my May 2020 Blogging Challenge. This topic was something that I have really enjoyed writing because of how it is exactly about what I am currently experiencing and where I am in life right now. Time for you to submit your blog post links for 14th May 2020 below. Looking forward to reading your posts! 😍😍😍

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    1. indeed a lovely post this is

    2. What an insightful post and an important message on how change can make you adapt things that you never thought of doing :)

      1. Thank you so much.. And yes that's true! The whole world right now is proof to that!

    3. This was an interesting read Ritcha :D

    4. Super Ritcha. A topic that most influencers would like to know about. I like all your ideas. Maybe a post on what travel will look like in 2021 or what precautions you need to take when setting out to travel in 2020 or 2021

      1. Thank you :) I am glad you liked it! The topic you are suggesting requires good thought but will definitely try to post on it.


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