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5 Romantic Movies On Netflix You Just Cannot Miss!

Syrupy and sentimental, that's what I'm usually called by my husband, oh yes, if my memory serves me correctly, last time he called me mawkish for watching a romantic movie! Somehow my romantic fixation gets my husband all wordy! But to tell you the truth, I know this for a fact that he secretly enjoys watching them, also debunking the popular notion that romantic movies and romantic comedies are chick flicks meant for and enjoyed by the womenfolk. Well, my logic behind this is, given the times we live in, and currently the lockdown that we are living in, we all need something that reignites that cushy little tender spark, which in our daily grind of life, gets puts out. Romantic movies especially comedies make you laugh, sometimes cry (that's strictly sweet and never serious) and reaffirm your faith in the good old romance and that's why everyone loves them! Especially in this lockdown, it has been such a saviour.

A great many thanks to the kind folks who brought this savior called Netflix into our lives and helping romantic buffs like me be all happy and warm! Here are 5 of my favorite romantic including comedies streaming on Netflix, that warm the cockles of my heart majorly:

1. To All The Boys I Have Loved Before

One word - sweet. In normal times, this is the kind of movie that I'd love to watch with my gal pals on a lazy Sunday afternoon while chomping on some bite-sized nom-noms and delightfully reminiscing over our lip-bitingly awkward teenage goof-ups. The story revolves around Lara Jean Covey, a 16-year-old girl, who loves reading romantic novels. Not without her share of romance in real life, she, however, shies from expressing her feelings with boys for whom she had had tender feelings, over the years. Lara pours her heart out into letters without any intention of mailing them. But fate has some other plans for her and those letters get sent out to the addressees leading to drama, confusion, and of course, the romance she has always craved for! I have to talk about the teenage sensation who rose to fame in the true sense of the word, Noah Centineo - When this movie released I felt like I had a teenage crush! While we saw Noah in Sierra Burgess Is a Loser, it was this movie that allowed him to leverage his easy acting and those good looks! No wonder Noah was the hype when it was released! He is charming, considerate, and adorably unaware of the butterfly effects he could have on a girl. Aww! Not to mention that To All The Boys I Have Loved Before - Part 2 is also cute, but nothing beats the 1st one.

2. Before We Go

God! Could Chris Evans get any cuter? I'm sure no woman would mind getting robbed if she has a good looking fella like Chris to her rescue! Given my fondness for him, I prefer watching it in sweet solitude. So, Before We Go is a charming meet-cute pivoted on Brooke, a married art dealer and Nick, a Jazz musician. When Brooke misses the last train to Boston, Nick, decides to help her around despite her dismissiveness. Brooke eventually loosens up and throughout the night the two protagonists learn about their fears and dreams whilst developing feelings for each other.

3. The Kissing Booth

An out-and-out teenage romantic comedy, The Kissing Booth has everything you'd expect from this genre. It starts with a familiar storyline with Elle, a chirpy young girl falling for her best friend, Lee's drop-dead gorgeous elder brother, Noah. The twist here is Noah is off-limits but Elle enters into the forbidden territory anyways. It's a relatable high school romance with charming actors. I bet a lot of will not be able to stop thinking about Jacob Elordi and of course, the rom-com tropes that despite having being seen in movies umpteen times, still carry a breath of fresh air.

4. Set It Up

A close friend of mine couldn't stop enthusing about this Netflix creation and so I had to watch it!! Set It Up is a cute, office-based rom-com with a likable star cast, which as everyone is acknowledging, a movie that is actually resuscitating the genre without really trying hard to reinvent. The story is about Harper and Charlie, two overworked and underpaid assistants who hatch a plan to make their demanding bosses fall in love with each other. While trying to set their bosses up, something else starts happening, too and I'm not telling you that!

5. Safe Haven

Safe Haven drips of what I call a mature romance. There's tension, suspense, and not to forget since it's a Nicholas Sparks adaptation it has a dash of drama, which I appreciate in romantic movies. It's the kind of a movie (with grown-up undertones) that I can watch with my husband any time! A deeply moving film, it follows the story of Katie, an enigmatic woman who decides to start afresh in a small town in a small Nouth Carolina town. She befriends Alex, a widower with two children and eventually gets involved with him. But as they say paths to true love never run smooth, Katie finds herself torn between what she truly needs and her troubled past.

... And the list is endless! In case you haven't watched these, do check these movies out. If any of these are your favourites, let me know which one. Also if there are any more that you would recommend I watch, do let me know. The fact that in this lockdown, I can watch my favorite movies on Netflix at any point in time with my family in the comforting confines of my sofa/living room is the best legit feeling ever! Happy binge watching y'all!

This is my fourth post of my May 2020 Blogging Challenge. I hope you liked it. Now it's your turn to submit your blog post links. Looking forward to reading your posts from 4th May 2020! 😍😍😍

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  1. I'm definitely gonna watch these.. And that too with hubby.. Lol.. Much needed post in this lockdown


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