Sunday, May 3, 2020

The Forgotten White Dress!

I know you must be wondering why the blog post has the title it has, so let me tell you a little story about this pretty white dress, which gave the blog post it's title. I bought this maxi dress from Forever 21 in the monsoon of 2017 (July to be precise), right when I got back from the USA after my vacation. Though the monsoon had started, when you see a white dress that subtly spells sexy, literally calls out to you and looks great on you too, you obviously are not going to leave the opportunity to buy it right? So I obviously didn't care that I would have to wait to wear it, because I definitely didn't want to not buy it, and then regret it later. So there it was in my shopping bag and home that very day. Little did I know, that because I wouldn't get to wear it a few months, I would completely forget about it. Very unlike me but yes it happened! 🤦

Fast forward to February 2019 when one day while looking for a dress to wear for a party, I pulled out this dress from my cupboard. Trust me you should have seen that look on my face when I realized what a treasure I had found because it suddenly seemed to come out of nowhere, but simultaneously felt super guilty about forgetting it completely. When I finally got around to trying out the dress, fearing whether it still looked as flattering as when I had bought it, I discovered it fit even better and looked far better on me than when I had bought it. Well that was the solace I gave myself that I was meant to wear it when it looked nicer and that is why my cupboard had eaten it up for nearly one and a half years. 😂

White Maxi Dress - Forever 21
Pink and Red Heels - ZARA (Hong Kong)
Jhumkas - Colaba Causeway
Bracelet - Swarovski

Now you know how my blog post got it's title.😊 When I wore it for the party, the whole world asked me where I got it from. The only thing I could tell them was that - Sorry, it's not available anymore (which was the truth as well)! I obviously couldn't tell them that I bought and then forgot such a pretty white maxi dress for nearly one and a half years, right? 😉

I have worn it countless number of times since then and it is one of my favourites now. My only current regret is that this summer due to the lockdown, I am just not going to get to wear the dress outdoors, and then the monsoon will be here which means that I do not get to wear it for 4 to 5 months at least. Well I might just wear it inside the house to do justice! 😊

📸: Abhijeet Kank

So this is my third post of my May 2020 Blogging Challenge. Now it's your turn to submit your blog post links. Looking forward to reading your posts from 3rd May 2020! 😍😍😍

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  1. Love the shots and you look pretty in the dress. Keep going. Will try and read all your posts.

  2. This happens with me everytime. I still have a few clothes just eaten away by cupboard and I know that too...just can't think of an occasion to wear it ����

    1. Ha ha ha! The occasions will come soon, don't worry!


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