Friday, May 15, 2020

My Rekindled Love for Crop Tops!

Until a year ago, I was always on the fence about crop tops. I adored the trend but wasn't ready to embrace it because I always thought it's not for me. But how wrong was I! I was aware of all the styles in the market, the ways to wear them, and I knew all the styling tips too as far as a crop top was concerned, but never applied any of them for myself, till one day, a realization dawned upon me. 😀

After Aryaa’s birth, I was never confident that I could carry off a crop top, thanks to all the inches, flab and stretch marks that I had added to my mid section. Before Aryaa I had a flat tummy, and so the change made me uncomfortable about wearing a lot of stuff that I didn't shy from wearing earlier on. At the same time, the funniest thing was that I never felt the lack of confidence when I wore a saree and my mid section showed. But it bothered me a lot when I wore western clothes. Funny na? However the day this realization dawned on me, suddenly my fear of crop tops just reduced. Of course a slimmer mid section with lighter stretch marks, along with an elevated level of comfort with my body despite increased size over time, now makes me a lot more comfortable to carry crop tops off. Am I the only one here or have any of you felt anything similar?

This was the first outfit I put together after I shopped for a few crop tops. This knot crop top was my absolute favourite buy, and so I had to wear it before any of the others. The red striped asymmetrical skirt that you see in this blog post, was also one of my favourite buys last year and I am glad I waited for the right top to come along before I finally wore it. I truly think the whole combination looked super cute and chic!

I take care of a few things when I style my crop tops:
  1. I always wear bottoms that are high waisted, be it skirts, jeans, trousers, or palazzos. This way either your midriff doesn't get bared at all, or even if it does then it's the slimmest portion that will show.
  2. I always wear heels because the it makes the torso look even longer and thus balances out the outfit along with making me look taller.
By the way, some people think that crop tops should only be worn by really young people. But according to me, there is no age limit to wearing a crop top and if you are comfortable wearing it, then you should! Right now they also make for the perfect summer companions over your shorts and joggers especially while you chill at home during the lockdown. 😊

Outfit Details

Knot Crop Top - Forever 21

Red Striped Skirt - Ajio

Heels - Lifestyle

Handbag - Coach

Bracelet - New York & Company

Earrings - H&M

With this blog post we come to the 15th post of my May 2020 Blogging Challenge. It's now your turn to submit your blog post links for 15th May 2020. Looking forward to reading your posts! 😍😍

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