Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Mommy Humour that I can totally relate to! 🤭

The last couple of months in lockdown have been a total test of parenting for me. While it has been super tough, with a few ups and downs especially since there are no maids to help, I definitely would say that I haven't fared as badly as I thought I would in a situation as distressing as this. I know I have done and said some crazy things during this time, and so today in this post I’ve put together some of my favorite funny mom quotes that I have come across and completely related to, but in good humour. I am sure most of you are also going to relate to each one of these, and so I had to share them with you for you to have a good laugh too. 😊

OMG! Aryaa talks and how much! And even if I tell her to keep quiet for a bit, do you think she listens?? ðŸ¤¦

Now this is the perfect one in continuation with the previous one. But in general also, nothing that I say seems to go into Aryaa's ears!

And controlling my temper and sometimes not being able to control it at all has been my greatest issue during the lockdown!

Like what is with us buying our kids chocolate and they not sharing even one with us?! I mean especially my favourite M&Ms, like just one teeny tiny one??

And how many times hasn't this happened? In fact, my shower timings have changed to evenings so that Prateek can watch Aryaa when I shower for this not to happen to me.

An just in case I am able to shower peacefully, then this has to surely happen!

Well we all have had this evil thought, haven't we?

During any and every call!

True that! Every mom's story!

Like why does this happen every single time???

Oh ya! Tell me about this! 🤦

Why hadn't someone told me this? I thought labour was the toughest thing I would face as a mother!

Well we have gone to hell and been back a zillion times during the lockdown!

Don't you absolutely agree??

But then, every time we think we are done and can't live with our kids anymore, we also realize that we can't live without them at all! ðŸ‘©‍👧

I hope these added some laughter to your day! After all right now especially we cannot be taking everything so seriously, and so laughing at our #momlife is one good way to not take yourself seriously all the time. 😊 Do you have any funny mom quotes to share with me?

This brings us to the 19th post of my May 2020 Blogging Challenge. It's your turn now to submit your blog post links for 19th May 2020. Looking forward to reading your posts! 😍

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