Thursday, May 7, 2020

Empowering our Little Girls!

Empowering our little girls is so important in today’s world - it’s a commitment that you have to make to yourself to make sure that you help them to inculcate a sense of belonging in this world. 

Our generation is definitely empowering our little girls in unconventional ways. Actually most of our moms (and dads) were already on this path, which is why we follow what they did and more, for the next generation. This is what I follow with Aryaa (which Prateek takes an active role in as well) and thus help her to
1. Believe in herself
2. Love herself
3. Be confident to achieve what she chooses to
4. Stand up for what she logically believes in
5. Chase her dreams and then live them
6. Develop her own voice
7. Be empathetic
8. Trust her gut
9. Learn to say no
10. Believe in the goodness of her heart and love freely
11. Take her own decisions (this is not easy at all for moms but must be done)
12. Build her communication skills
13. Appreciate the women around her
14. Love her body at any size
15. Believe that everyone is equal
16. Respect herself

A mommy daughter relationship is not always harmonious when you are doing this. It needs a lot of patience at your end and the relationship needs to be carefully nurtured. Mutual respect is very important while doing this and you too need to use the right and positive statements when you are trying to inculcate these qualities. Our daughters are beautiful, strong, smart, which we need to constantly tell them, but we also need to let them fail, and be right there to help them get up again. Also as a woman, while showing Aryaa that she is my priority, I also make sure to make time for myself and other important things in my life. I believe it shows her that self-respect starts with self-care that further leads to confidence which impacts all facets of our lives.

To create ladies of the future with strong characters and who create their own lives their way, empowering them from a young age is definitely the way! And remember, having daughters is the most beautiful combination of gifts and responsibilities, which is exactly what we love. Which is why, no day goes by without me telling Aryaa that - Aryaa Mumma loves you!

So, what are your thoughts on this? How are you empowering your little girls? 

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  1. This is a great post.. I feel regular affirmations definitely lead to empowerment.. 😇


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