Sunday, May 8, 2016

The spotlight is on Fun with Vodafone U! #FunWithU

Kids of this new generation are absolute digital addicts. Their solution to every situation lies on the internet. They want to share every minute of their life either over some social media channel or with friends over a chatting app. Fun via the world of internet, voice, music is an integral part of their lives and the need to stay connected for the smallest thing is what is becoming the DNA of the youth today. All this means a lot more data consumption but are the mobile networks providing pocket friendly solutions to them?  In this rapid growing demand of technology, people are constantly looking for deals that will cost them cheaper but provide more benefits and here is where Vodafone brings a first of its kind, Lifestyle Proposition for the youth - Vodafone U.

With Vodafone U, Vodafone presents some brand new plans specially for the youth who are going to be the future game changers. With 2 different packs on offer for existing and new clients, it lets you splurge lots of data without burning a hole in your pocket. Its focus is to bring you closer to your best buddies with call rates that feel like peanuts. You can also start a party anywhere and anytime, because music downloads are free. You can even take a data loan when falling short and it also gives you a separate night allowance. Now that is too much to digest right? Well that is why they call it too good to believe! :)

Friday saw the launch of  Vodafone U at Hard Rock Cafe and they totally brought to life the whole concept. Sandeep Kataria, Director - Consumer Commercial at Vodafone opened the show, took us through the propositions they have and unveiled Vodafone U.

The launch truly positioned FUN to us when YouTube stars Kanan Gill, Raftaar and The Viral Fever took centre stage. The trio came together to collaborate for Vodafone U not only at the event but also for a video that kickstarted their performance. The video was all about how friends are an integral part of life and when we need them, they are just a click or a call away. 

They had the audience singing along, dancing and swaying to the beats. Check out the video for yourself to see how catchy it was!

A couple of performances later, they opened up about how their relationships with their friends and how it is impossible to be without the internet especially on our phones these days. They spoke about the blunders they have made during texting, the excuses they have made and how communication now is mostly over texting and chat apps. The funniest thing that I found was Kanan's recollection of the days when we only had the landline phone, and how it was when a boy called on a girl's landline. I totally connected to that since I belong to the generation where there were no cell phones when we were in college and I was in total splits recollecting those situations in my house when boys used to call on the landline.

I was laughing throughout and saw most people look at me with amusement on their face cause they couldn't connect to it. Gone are those days where the landline was an entire family's lifeline ;-) 

A high energy performance by Raftaar and his team was what brought down the curtains on their performance!

The setup was perfectly done, with Vodafone U totally owning the place.

And the perfect end to the evening was with Hard Rock Cafe's anthem perfomance - YMCA! :)

Vodafone U truly kept their word - it was an evening filled with laughter and music to keep the #FunWithU, always on!

To know more about Vodafone U log onto their:

Picture Credits: Twinkle Dalal

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