Monday, May 9, 2016

The perfect Mother's Day experience at Phoenix Marketcity!

Since Mother's Day is always on a Sunday, and now since I have Aryaa, celebrations at my place start right from Saturday itself. For Saturday, I made plans with my best friend Simrath to take our kids to spend the day at Phoenix Marketcity as there is lots to do there. Being the same age, these kids get along really well together and its fun to see their bonding as they are always up to something (proof is below), plus us mothers would get some time together too :)


The main reason why we chose to go to Phoenix Marketcity, Kurla was that they have setup a Dino Island - an indoor display featuring life-size dinosaurs from the pre-historic era from 7th May to 29th May 2016. Since it was the first day we wanted to be one of the first ones to check it out and let the kids enjoy it. This dinosaur-themed experience has life like dinosaurs that move their heads and tails while breathing and roaring, which also scared our little ones a bit but they were quite intrigued as well. It was fun to watch their reactions :)

After I told Aryaa the little dino coming out from the egg was a baby, she kept calling out to it "Baby, Baby" :-)

This dino ride was quite a lot of fun but Aryaa and Kabir were too small to get onto it. The other kids seemed to be having a great time on it and I am sure our kids would have loved it too had they been a little bigger.

This one was moving its head and tail, opening and closing its mouth and eyes, and roaring which freaked the kids out quite a bit. They refused to let go of the mothers for quite some time after that but constantly had their eyes on the dinosaurs. It was a really cute moment to see their reactions as these kids don't really fear anything.

This wasn't all there was to it if you were thinking so :-) There were also a series of fun filled activities designed to nurture the creativity of kids. There was a ball aiming game, archery, rifle shooting and a fossil zone where kids had to excavate dinosaur bones in a sand pit and this turned out to be Aryaa's favourite. She just refused to get out and I had to pull her out.

The ball game is what Kabir had his focus on and soon enough Aryaa joined him there.

After all this fun, lunch was on our agenda as we were famished and Noodle Bar is where we headed to. You have quite a lot of food options at Phoenix Marketcity right from boutique restaurants, to authentic cuisine restaurants to pubs to a full fledged food court offering you food to suit all palettes and fit all pockets.

Once we were done with lunch and the energies were high again, it was time for a train ride around the mall. The kids enjoyed it completely and were clapping their hands throughout the ride :-) I won't deny, the mother's enjoyed it too ;-)

Aryaa is now all ready for playschool and I still haven't frozen on where to send her. Other than playschools, I also in my research had come across ChicaNiño, which is an early childhood development centre in the age group of 6 months to 3+ years and is situated in Paragaon mall in the Phoenix Marketcity premises. Checking that out was next on my list as I wanted Aryaa to also experience the place.

Aryaa was constantly busy on her own and enjoying herself while I watched. Sending her away from me for a day is a difficult thought but if it is an environment like this it definitely makes the decision much easier. Here the child, alongwith the community of peers and adults, inculcates age appropriate life skills via activities designed to develop language, math, manipulative, music & art and practical life skills. It is also further supported with dining and toileting facilities and let me tell you their child size chairs and tables and bathrooms were just the cutest! 

The day passed by in no time and it was time to go back home. It was the perfect start to our Mother's Day weekend and I was now looking forward to Sunday with my mom and family. But how could we leave without a selfie with Dino?

Hello Dino!

To know more about Phoenix Marketcity, head to their Twitter, FacebookInstagram and YouTube

What did you do on Mother's Day with your kids? I would love to know! :)

Picture Credits: Twinkle Dalal

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  1. Ritcha - Thank you for your kind words! Beautifully encapsulated the ChicaNiño experience. It was a pleasure having Aryaa and you at our centre. Look forward to further visits.

  2. Both the kids look adorable! Need to take the kids there to check out the Dinos :)


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