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Wella Professionals Elements Range Review + Summer Giveaway!

Sulfates free, Parabens free and Artificial Colourants free - Sounds magical to the ears right?! Well that exactly is the case with the all new Wella Professionals elements range that was launched recently and I have been hooked onto the products since the last few months thanks to its composition and effects. A squeaky clean and healthy scalp along with nourished and vibrant hair are the results of using this amazing all NATURAL range.

Since going the organic and natural way is the mantra these days, Wella couldn't have had a better timing to launch the Elements Range which has been inspired by nature and the Amazon rainforest. Nimrat Kaur launched the Wella Elements Range with Wella Innovation Expert Dr. Kerstin Meyer Lipp who took us through the range in detail.

I also got a chance to get a one on one with Dr. Kerstin Meyer Lipp and got all my questions answered about the magical range that took 2 years to develop so that it would be absolutely natural in nature and give you amazing results despite being free from sulfates, parabens and artificial colourants. She gave me indepth answers to all my questions which I am sharing with you.

According to her the reason why Wella decided to invent this range was, “I think natural products have made their way back in fashion. People are becoming increasingly aware of the ingredients contained in the products that they use in everyday life– such as hair care products. As part of trying to live a healthy lifestyle, they are now looking for more natural alternatives which contain fewer chemicals, but do not compromise on performance.”

Elements Renewing Shampoo

The Wella Professionals Elements Renewing Shampoo has been developed using the NuTREE Complex, which is a unique natural tree extract combining the ingredients that give trees their strength and is found in the forests of Germany. The exclusive NuTree complex has been a scientific breakthrough in the world of hair care and has been developed by Wella. This complex works as an antioxidant to reduce free radical damage and also has anti-irritant properties that help in calming the scalp. It provides upto 10 times more strength by strengthening the hair root as well as to the hair, thus protecting from breakage and renewing hair vitality. The keratin structure in the shampoo is also formulated in such a way that even without chemicals, the hair still looks equally shiny and healthy. It is this exclusive NuTREE complex, that eliminates the use of sulfates, parabens and artificial colorants.

Elements Renewing Mask

The Wella Elements Renewing Mask is a combination of the NuTREE complex and Panthenol, which is commonly known as pro-vitamin B5. These together penetrate the hair to deeply nourish by repairing the inner keratin cell structure and binding moisture in the hair. The result is smooth, healthy and nourished hair from the roots to the tip.

Also the range has a completely new fragrance which is inspired by the green wood of the Amazon rainforest and has been specially developed for the range thus making the appeal even more luxurioius. The products can be used on all types of hair and on chemically treated hair as well. People with dandruff and chemically treated hair benefit the most because of it's ability to make your scalp squeaky clean, nourished and strong without chemicals unlike other products

My verdict: Each word of what she said about the product effect turned out true. In the last few months I have seen reduced breakage, shinier and stronger hair. The shampoo and mask have a lovely fragrance which is quite different and refreshing and doesn't smell like anything I have used yet. Since there are no artificial colourants, the shampoo is a transparent liquid and the mask is white in colour and creamy in texture. 

The froth is there despite no sulfates which also was a real surprise. It shows how deeply researched the products are and the level of expertise used to invent the range. The packaging is simple and elegant with soothing colours like green and white used to represent the natural aspect of the product. The products are a little steep in the pricing with the shampoo being priced at INR 975/- and the mask at INR 1075/- but are worth every penny that you pay for something this natural and high end. The shampoo can be used daily and the mask needs to be used just once a week for best results. Even on my coloured hair, it has had brilliant effects and if you have noticed my hair grow at an astonishing pace, that is all thanks to the Wella Elements range :-)

Contest Time!

It's time for the contest now and 5 of you lucky ones like I mentioned above, can win the amazing Wella Elements range hampers consisting of a shampoo and hair mask each! To participate you need to answer a simple question and complete a few steps and who knows you could be one of the winners!

Here's my question
Give me one natural hair care tip that you use to take care of your hair in Summer!

And here are the steps:
  • Drop your answers as comments below
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  • Please drop your social media handles along with the answer to the question for us to crosscheck. Also leave your email id for us to be able to contact you incase you win!
  • Winners will be announced on my Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, so make sure you have followed me to know ;-)
  • Contest ends on 20th May 2016
  • Contest is open to Indian Residents only
Looking forward to your entries!! Keep them coming :)

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  1. Hi i use a mixture of aloevera gel n lemon juice on hair in summer..this makes my hair softer smoother n shiny as aleovera is a cooling plant..
    Facebook username Sehija Hans
    Instagram Handle @sehijahans1985
    Twitter handle @sehija_hans
    Google+ sehija hans
    Youtube id sehijahans1985@gmail
    Email id sehijahans1985@gmail

  2. mine is oily hair.. so i use hairoil+lemon to massage hair before wash and after hair wash pour 1 lemon juice mix with water on hair

    Amazing tip.. always helpful

    roposo id @hiiral
    instagram id @shah_hiiral & @hiiral512
    Twitter id @hiiral007
    fb g+ n email


  3. As summers gives us a lot of sweat and leaves our hair oily
    I use coconut oil and lemon mixture just before my hair wash keep it for 15-20 min and wash it followed by conditioner after shampoo. And keep my hair soft, straight and beautiful whole day and my hair makes me feel confident every tym
    @vandanachauhan25 - roposo
    @Odist_vandana - Instagram - Facebook - personal blog

  4. Hiii Ri(t)ch.. 🙋
    As i have oily scalp.
    My hair care tip is grate a cucumber make it paste and apply on scalp.. it help is cooling your scalp and also help control excess oil nd sweat in hot summer.. amazing home remedy.. 👍 or we can use juice of cucumber and apply on scalp.. it will also going to help same way..

    Than wash hair with any mild shampoo (like wella professional elements renewing shampoo) and cold water ( + add 1 lemon to freshen your scalp and remove sweat odour too ) followed with same brands conditioner.

    Taddaaa... here we are ready to beat the heat 👍

    I got sample of wella element shampoo and conditioner in my fab bag.. i loved it.. but full size is little expensive for student like me..hope to win.. #fingerscrossed 😘

    My social media handle:
    Twitter : @annu_rathee
    Instagram : @annurathee
    Facebook : Er. Annu Rathee
    Youtube and G+ : Annu Rathee
    Email id :

    Thank you.. !! 💝

  5. Before headbath I apply a mixture of 2:1/2:1 ratio of coconut oil:lemon juice:castor oil
    This remedy is best and worked for me
    Castor oil helps in blood circulation and in turn it strengthens the roots.
    I used lemon as a combination with these essential oils becoz if we use lemon juice alone it turns our scalp dry bcoz its acidic but when mixed with oil its does wonders.I combined lemon juice because we're using two different oils here n all of us know dat oil gets retained in our scakf even after hair wash.when combined lemon with oil it removes excess oil from the scalp and leaves our scalp healthier.
    As in summer our hair turns out frizzy dis is the best remwdyto make them super silky and also it has got a advantage of reducing hair fall
    Apply it just before an hour to headbath and days it u get silky shiny hair.and and and this is baba ramdevs remedy :-)
    Roposo handle - @sushmavishwakarma
    Insta handel-@sushma_vish
    Twitter - @sushmavish
    Fb I'd
    G+ - sushmav636@gmail

    Thank u for giving us a chance to share our remedies... :)

  6. wowwwwww nicely DETAILED this blog post
    n amazing giveaway through this its too helpful to us also beside winning

    I am so serious wen it cums to my Hair Care
    Firstly i never use any ones Comb
    i personally think is a Primary need for hair care....
    n One most best cure i felt aft applying is... onion juice ...... so simple n easy just to gently massage ....n apply throughly on hair n leave for 20 MINS n rinse hair wid warm water.....
    It helped my hair to grow faster n shinny....
    Thankuuu so muchhhh loved being part of ur giveaway....
    i am Suman Nathani following u on Roposo n youtube subscriber as i m nt on any other social media..... is my id

  7. I use lemon, curd and banana mask for shine, smooth and voluminous hair and also keep my hair dandruff free in summer. I also take aloe vera juice and gooseberry juice for keeping my hair healthy and strong. And also use aloe vera and water in equal ratio in small bottle and spray it in my hair. For oiling i use organic coconut oil almond n olive oil and heat it and after cooling it then apply that scalps n massage it for 10 minutes and next morning i rinsed it mild shampoo
    Thank you souch for this giveaway my instagram @sheetal_r_p Twitter @sheetalrpandey

  8. I have very frizzy hairs. So I have to take special care of my hairs. First I take fresh aloe Vera gel and massage it properly at roots as well as on hairs till the tips. After that I use special hair oil for massage. This special hair oil consists of two table spoon of coconut oil, one table spoon of castor oil and a vitamin e capsule. After massage, I keep this oil overnight. In the morning, use of shampoo and conditioner.. And I am good to go.. I also use honey, olive oil and aloe Vera gel mask in 10-15 days as per my convenience..
    Also a lot of thanks for this amazing giveaway..
    Roposo: vijayeta_chaudhry
    Instagram: vijayetachaudhry
    Facebook: vijayeta chaudhry
    Twitter: vijayetaa
    I love this hamper as I got a sample of these in one of my previous Fab bag..

  9. First of all a great thnx for this giveaway!!loved the review of the products n wanna win n try them!!!
    Coming to haircare...
    Proper oiling is very essential as it prevents hairfall n dryness..on the day of shampooing my hair I take 2 to 3 leaves of curry leaves n 2 spoons of coconut oil..heat them together till warm n apply on my hair n scalf!!leave it for 30 mins n wash wit good dandruff freeing shampoo!! I do apply conditioner too!! That's it!!!it keeps my hair really good thick n soft!!
    Roposo handle- sonal mishra
    YouTube subscriber as 'sonal mishra'
    Insta -_pretty_soni_(my sis id)
    I m not in facebook n twitter!!:(:(:(
    Hope i get lucky!!

  10. Email-

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  12. Summers comes with sweat n frizzy its important to cover ur hair while going out.
    One Remedy : I mostly use CURD+LEMON,as it gives smoothness to hair,it moisturize it and keep it dandruff free and is always available at home..easy to Budget.
    Roposo:Tanvi kapoor
    Twitter:Tanvi kapoor
    Facebook:Tanvi kapoor

  13. Summers are approaching and this sun heat damage our hair badly. As I have an oily scalp problem I wash my hair regularly .Tip : Use Apple cider Vinegar in your hair before washing. It gives you very shiny and dandruff free hair. 😊 worth trying !

    Facebook : sakhi.kakkar
    Twitter : @sakhi_k
    Instagram : sakhik
    Youtube : Sakhi kakkar

    Email :

  14. Heyiee.. your review of the new Wella range is amazing and makes me wanna try it.. as summers has arrived oiling hair becomes a no-no as it promotes acne on the already summer irritated I switch to lighter oils like almond and coconut and avoid heavier oils like castor & olive addition I make use of hair masks to moisturize my scalp & strands.. using aloe vera gel, honey-curd, green tea rinse makes hair smooth, moisturized and frizz free.
    Facebook: Richa Sharma
    Roposo: richa_sharma

  15. Hi Ritcha. This is my entry. M not on instagram yet, but will do so b4 time.
    I have followed u on all forums.
    This is one hair mask I use specially during summers. N it works wonders.
    Egg: 1
    Yogurt: 2-3 Table-spoon (Depending on the length of your hair)
    Olive oil: 2 tea-spoon (you can also use coconut oil instead of olive oil)
    Mix all ingredient and apply to ur hair including your scalp. Tie ur hair in a knot and shampoo normally after an hour.

    I love the elements range and I so excited to participate here.
    My twitter: @Aditi_SoSaree
    Facebook: aditi.sawant.969
    Youtube: Aditi SoSaree

  16. My Natural Hair Care Tip is as follows :-

    Every Sunday, massage your hair and scalp with warm olive oil for ten minutes. After that take a cotton cloth and soak it in warm water then wrap the cotton cloth around your hair. Allow it to stay there for minimum 10 minutes. And then wash it off.
    Reason – Massaging the scalp will help stimulate blood flow, which helps feed the hair, preventing hair loss and restoring healthy hair. Simple yet enriching way to make your hair shiny, soft, strong, manageable and superbly textured even in scorching summers :)

    Name - preksha modi
    email -
    twitter - @modipreksha
    facebook - preksha.modi

  17. Well, i take head massage every Saturday from Mom with home-made mustard oil and leave it for a day. Next day i.e. Sunday morning i wash my hair with shampoo and apply amla ritha n sikkakai paste on my hair with gentle hands and leave it for 10 min. Again i wash my hair and cover it up with the warm towel gently squeezed in from the mixture (dipped in water mixed with rose water n few drops of lemon) it was put in.
    The simple yet natural way to bring the strength and shine is so relaxing and powerful that you feel at peace, so light and afresh with all-together new vibrant energy :)

    twitter - @angloangel
    email -

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  19. I follow the simple tricks in summer season -
    1) Wear hat or scarf on head to protect my hair from getting frizzy, dry and dull.
    2) Wash it every 3rd day to remove dirt and keep my head cool. But completely restrict the usage of dryer.
    3) Once a week champi from mom to regain the shine n lustre along with the strength
    4) Stay hydrated with lots of fluids and if reqd. i do go for a hair trim :)

    Ravita Kankaria

  20. Hey Ritcha,

    The tips that I religiously follow during summers are -
    - Keeping hair tied, carrying a scarf or an umbrella to beat the heat and to prevent direct sun damage.
    - More frequent washing of hair to get rid of accumulated sweat, grime and pollutants.
    - Applying hair packs of curd or lemon.
    - using coconut water as a natural conditioner for smooth, soft hair that shines.

    Following you and Wella India everywhere.
    ( FB/Youtube username - Saachi Garg,
    Twitter/ Instagram Username - @saachigarg,
    Email ID -

    Saachi Garg.

  21. daer..when will u announce the winners ?
    eagerly awaiting :)


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