Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Asian Paints offers movies-inspired ideas this #WorldInteriorsDay with Film Production Designer Shruti Gupte

Having a dream home decorated by ourselves is something that all of us want. With changing trends, many of us have started decorating our interiors based on themes or various combinations of colors that denote our style of living and personality. In this era movies also play a huge role in influencing and widening our thought process. Many of us come back from movies inspired by the decor of the film we have gone to watch and want to recreate them for our own dream home but are quite clueless how to do it and can't afford to hire pricey interior architects. So to bring us closer to our dreams, Asian Paints #ColourStoreBandra conducted a workshop based on movies-inspired ideas for our homes. The theme of the workshop was ‘Intelligent & Inspirational Interiors, from Silver Screens to Your Home’, where they had renowned Film Production Designer, Shruti Gupte speaking to us about her experiences while creating homes for movies and how we too can create movie inspired designs for our homes and office spaces.

Shruti has designed homes and interior spaces for popular films like Aisha, Taare Zameen Par, Khoobsurat  and Lunch Box. While she conducted the workshop she shared her experiences of how each film was different and how they had created the interiors based on the characters from the movie. Aisha’s character in the movie was that she was the only child and she lived with her father, hence her bedroom was more of whites and matte shades with a four poster bead that gave a luxurious look and feel to it. For Taare Zameen Par, as the storyline surrounded a boy the major shades picked up in the movie were based on blue along with perfectly decorated props that would define a woman who has given up work to take care of the family. Khoobsurat had a palace as the living space, so the interiors were decorated with flowers, framed art works, photo frames and the walls in shades of lavender that gave a warm and palatial feeling to the entire set up. While designing an interior set up for a film, her inspirations are the qualities and background of the character, the situations that surround the character, the city that the film is based on, etc.  

She emphasized that we too should play with colours as they can really influence our moods while designing our own interiors because home is where are our happiness resides and so we should not not fear embracing experimentation to create a happy home. It's time we also created homes based on our personality and adapt reel-life into our real-lives! It's just about stepping out of our comfort zone and creating something which we'll love and the Asian Paints Color Store allows us to check out life like settings to realize our dreams before we choose to make it permanent.

Followed by the informative talk, there was a mood board activity which was conducted where we had to create a mood board for our homes using cards with colours, prints, references and cloth scraps.

I used my favourite colours turquoise and yellow and a vintage influence to create my mood board for my future dream home. Also black and white would be a part of the upholstery.

The Asian Paints Color Store at Hill Road, Bandra conducts regular events and workshops for consumers on design.You can register your details at the store so that they can reach out to inform you about future events and workshop schedules. Do go and register, and now that you know it is not difficult to have a luxurious looking home, you must check out the #AsianPaints Color Store at Bandra as well. 

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