Monday, May 14, 2012

Coral Satchel - Steal Deal!

Coral is the hottest colour of the season! It comes in various hues that border between orange-coral to pink-coral and it's a colour that most of us either had or are incorporating or are planning to incorporate into our wardrobes.

I bought the perfect coral coloured satchel to add the coral effect to my wardrobe! Having existing items doesn't count right now coz I need to have an excuse right to add some more stuff to my wardrobe ;) The bestest part was that it didn't hurt my pocket at all :D Another steal deal! All in all for INR 250 ($5)

Bandra is one of most ideal places for scouting good deals and I found this pretty piece on Linking Road while street shopping.

I love finding good deals.. It keeps me happy and gives me a thrill with the feeling of "Wow! I got this sooo cheap!" Also, a mix of branded and non-branded items keeps my wardrobe balanced and my budget :)

Do you guys like street shopping? Or do you just stick to brands?

By the way did you know that during “The Black Friday” shopping sales, the situation in the U.S. market changes abruptly – it is a day of grandiose sales, which has received its grim name for compelling reasons. Below is a graphic representation that involves only the statistical and financial issues of “The Black Friday”. Assessing the available data throughout the course of the last several years, we can make a notion that 48% of Americans, who are drastically active during this day, are women. Women of extremely diverse generations, races and social statuses year after year demonstrate stable and remarkably vibrant activity in this certain day. Almost a half of these women are ardently discussing the upcoming event of “The Black Friday” in all sorts of social networks. Also, this graph represents the parade of the most popular shops among women and goods, which are of the highest demand during the day. Moreover, one peculiar fact is about that 27% of women take urgent credits in the amount of approximately 500$ every year on “The Black Friday”.
    womenspersonalfinance net black friday infographic v21 Womens Black Friday Infographic

Always good to know such stuff :)

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  1. Love the color of the bag! Gorgeous!!!
    P.S: The price makes me love, love and love it even more:)I think it's one of the most killer deals!


  2. I love the bag! The price and the colour make it even more perfect ;)

  3. I love street shopping. :D
    I do stick to brands but only in few cases for ex for jeans and shades etc which will last longer and I wont get bore of it.

  4. the colour , what a great bag ..

  5. Lovely bag! And i absolutely love street shopping. You find the best deals amd the pieces are really unique.

  6. wow thats really a killer deal
    yes even i like balanced shopping of branded and non-branded ..its must for every gals closet :)

  7. Great color for the season and the price is great! You definitely have a new follower here


  8. I like this bag :)

    look here, I have a giveaway!

  9. Where did you find that?!?! Why is it that I never seem to find the nice ones for cheap.. I always find the cheap ones for cheap..

  10. Great bag and awesome deal .

  11. Love your bag:)

  12. Love this color!! I love bargain shopping - I still fondly remember Janpath trips with friends in Delhi when I was in college!:-)Hope you are having a wonderful day!
    Style-Delights Blog

  13. OMG I love the bag and the colour!! treat to an eye I can say...Great deal in INR 250....

  14. Such a great deal and that colour is perfect for summer:) Have a beautiful day, sweetie. xo

  15. Nice blog! and the bag is very fantastic.


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