Friday, August 6, 2010

Reader Style Query!! :)

Jasmine, a very sweet reader of my blog, recently had a style query about whether she could wear short shorts and the kind of necklines she could wear:

Hi, love your combos!! Do you think I can pull off a short short and what kind of neckline suits me?

My suggestions to her were:
After seeing the picture that you have sent to me, it seems that you are petite. Also you are heavier on your upper body than your lower body. As per this you have an apple shape figure.

Wearing short shorts requires a lot of confidence as you know attitude makes all the difference :). I would suggest that you wear shorts that reach mid thigh and have a straight cut as this gives the illusion of slim and longer thighs. Wear the fitting variety and not the baggy variety as the baggy ones will make you look shorter. Also make sure you choose solid colours. Avoid shorts with big pockets.

Necklines also should be well chosen so that you don't look heavier on the top. The challenge is to create an impression of a lighter looking upper body. The classic V and U necks are the best bet. Other than that you should try low scoop necks. Halter and Sleeveless tops with a little shoulder show would look really nice.

Jasmine's appreciative response to the suggestions made my day :)
Those tips are really useful, I'm gonna go through my closet =]
I think now is the perfect time (with the summer sales) to look for those shorts you advised, thank you so much!
Again thanks for your time.

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