Friday, September 17, 2010

Polka Dotted!

Polka dots are all over me these days or should I say that I am all over polka dots these days. Either ways it conveys the fact that I am totally in love with polka dots at the moment :). Absolutely in fashion now along with being retro, it is a trend that is here to stay. The polka dots can be of various sizes depending on the style and cut of your outfit and it suits all ages too :D

A few occasions on which I was spotted with polka dots ;)

A cute purple tunic with white polka dots. Can wear it as a dress with white ballerinas.

My sheer top with the classic combination of black with white dots. Can accessorise it with a coloured belt.

A funky yellow bag with black polka dots. Adds instant cheerfulness to any outfit.

A comfy tube top for an evening out.

Its best to stick to one polka dot item in your outfit to avoid going overboard. In case you are not a polka dot fan then add just a polka dotted accessory to jazz up your outfit like a headband or a scarf.

My favourites also include:
  • Polka dot socks - They look sooo cute! 
  • Polka dot cocktail dresses - Gives a you a very sophisticated look. Perfect for a formal gathering.
  • Polka dot swim wear - 'Yellow polka dot bikini' is a song each one of us know ;) but seriously they make swim wear look really adorable, whether its a one piece or a two piece.
  • Polka dot shoes - Peep toes or ballerinas or sneakers, they all rock!
  • Polka dot clutches - A perfect combination with one colour dresses.
  • Polka dot lingerie - Flirtatious and fun ;)
My fantasy shopping list still has quite some stuff that I need to pick up. Let me give you a sneak peek!
  1. Stockings

2. Skirts

3. One Shouldered Dress

Polka dots can be a part of a man's wardrobe as well. They too have a variety of items that can be incorporated into their outfits.

Home Decor Tip(So what if this is a fashion blog ;)???) -You can add colour to your house with polka dots whether in curtains, cushion covers, wallpaper, vases, sofa covers or table cloths.

Mix polka dots with other textures for a modern look or stick to the classic colours for the retro look. Just remember to wear your confidence at the top of it all and you are set! :)

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