Friday, August 20, 2010

Vogue India August 2010 - The Age Issue

Grabbing a cup of hot coffee, I said down to read the August 2010 issue of Vogue. Its become a ritual that every month I eagerly wait for the lastest issue to hit the stands so that I can lay my hands on them (either buy, borrow or steal ;-)). Even though I'm not a label design slave always, its been quite an influence on my wardrobe over the years.

Cameron Diaz on the cover aptly matched the title 'Little Miss Sunshine' :-) I love her trademark casual style which shows in her cover outfit with one blingy gold jacket making all the difference which also matches beautifully with her golden blonde hair. I agree with her realistic approach to life where she doesn't want to look 25 again and would rather enjoy what she has at 37 while she's still got something. Her insight on the fountain of youth being 'exercise, a healthy diet, lots of water, lots of laughter, lots of sex as it's healthy and natural' is good to hear whilst most other interviews talk of botox. I like her!

This issue is called 'The Age Issue' and as I am now in the age category of people who should not worry :-) but atleast start to incorporate some tips into their daily beauty regime, makes me take instant notice. With the graphic trend being in these days, Vogue Shops shows you how to get the right look whatever age you are along with pocket friendly buys. What 40 Did brings out the stories of 3 women in their 40's with each one being at a different threshold of their life and defying the generic laws with one celebrating being single, the other joys of being a first-time mom and the third one a grandmother :-) Quite inspirational!! Free style depicts dressing for your age through ten graceful women ranging from 23 to 67 who possess widely contrasting styles and attitudes. Sometimes sans make-up can be beautiful and that is what Bare Minimum shows seven women ranging from 15 to 44 through its lenses. Making cancer sexy is what Lisa Ray does and its inspiring to see how she has resurfaced after the disease having hit her. Other articles give insights and good tips on skincare as new and new topics of concern start to emerge on the beauty front with anti-ageing products being the new mantra from as early as 25. The issue keeps up to its name :-)

I feel relaxed now as I picture myself dressed in most of the outfits on the pages I'm reading through. I'm already thinking of some of the stuff that I can buy and the others that I can run off to my local tailor for ;-). Filling myself another cup of coffee, I sit back again to continue my jaunt. A few more pages down and I start to think that if I had all the money in the world, I would splurge on the jaw dropping watches in Time Out. Makes me wanna say, I want this and I want that and Oh, I want this too! The Vogue Beauty Awards 2010(first ever) gives you the best of beauty products and services available in the market and I realize that the next time I go shopping, I know I'm going to take a lot less time and come back with the best buys.

Happy and content at the end of the read and my fantasy shopping spree, I guess this is what keeps people like me sane cause sometimes a fantasy is all that you need!

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