Friday, September 9, 2016

The Golden Years!

Aryaa turned 2 last month (yes that post is coming up soon too!) and time seems to be just flying. Every moment since her birth has been full of love, warmth and joy and these definitely are the golden years of her and my life as once the every day routine of life starts for her, it will never be the same. The unending hours of togetherness, the long tucked into bed hours, the uninhibited dancing to Bollywood songs together, and the innocent cute face making me give into every demand not knowing what is right and wrong, will all be replaced by school, a kid who has more understanding of the world around her, and years and maturity adding to the age. I am sure that will be fun too but somehow my heart refuses to let her grow up so fast! For now I am going to enjoy these 'Golden Years'!

When Aryaa was born, as soon as the doctor told us it was a girl, PS' first reaction to me was 'No Short Skirts'! Can you believe that? So of course I had a new mission, and the outfit obviously shows you how successful I have been in it! :) I mean how can you not dress up a toddler girl in short skirts and tutu skirts? Aryaa looks adorable and she loves them just as much as I love them. It is one of the cutest sights ever! And I can see a lot of you are shaking your head in agreement with me ;-) 

Score - Ritcha - 1, PS - 0

This legs crossed over is starting to become Aryaa's favourite pose. I must say she picks up things really quick!

And off comes the hairband! 'Mumma I don't like anything holding my hair back for so long' is exactly what she tells me in baby language as she flings off her hairband :)

Time to run around and make everyone run after me!

Time please! I am tired! (Ask the photographer how happy she was to take a break.)

No wait, I think mom was right, the hairband looked better!

And the hairband is back! :) Look how happy it makes my mom!

By the way, thank you everyone for all your comments on my previous outfit post. My mom read them all out to me and it made me very happy :)

Ok now bye! See you in my next post soon!
Denim Short Skirt - H&M India
Sequinned Flutter Sleeves Top - Max Fashion
Golden Shoes - Westside
White & Gold Hairband - Westside

Picture Credits: Twinkle Dalal

Location : Renaissance Mumbai Convention Centre Hotel

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  1. Such a cute post.
    Direct dil se. n needless too say Aryaa looks like a honeypot.


  2. Wow !!! Aryaa truely looks 3S.... Super, Smart & Sweet...😘😍👍

  3. Such a nice post. She look so cute.


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