Thursday, September 1, 2016

My Wella Elements Spa Experience

By now you all know that I have fine hair thanks to me mentioning it time and again in my haircare related posts :) So you all also know that it is prone to damage much easily than other hair types, which means a lot more hair care on a regular basis. Add to that the monsoon season which can play havoc with hair because the moisture levels in the air keep changing, thus increasing my efforts to constantly keep my hair nourished with the necessary nutrients that it requires. I had told you about the amazing Wella Elements range recently in my review, which gave me a squeaky clean and healthy scalp along with nourished and vibrant hair. As the Elements range is Sulfates free, Parabens free and Artificial Colourants free and worked wonders on my hair in the past, I decided to go in for a salon treatment including the same called the Wella Elements Spa. The reason I chose this was that it would counter any kind of monsoonal damage that my hair was going through with the most natural ingredients that the products possessed.

To give you more insights on the treatment, here are step by step details. 

It started with a hair wash with the Wella Elements Renewing Shampoo.

After towel drying the hair, a mask was applied. The mask was a mixture of the Wella Elements Renewing Mask and SP Repair Infusion. The SP Repair Infusion is an intensive treatment which strengthens and repairs dry, damaged and chemically treated hair.

After applying the mask in sections, it was time for emulsification. Emulsification is a process where the mask is diluted with water and then massaged into the hair from roots to end.

Followed by emulsification was a massage session which helped me relax as it included a head, neck, shoulder and back massage.

For additional absorption of the mask into the roots of the hair, the massage was followed by a steam session. 

Finally it was time for the rinse and blow dry! :)

The exclusive NuTree complex developed by Wella present in the shampoo and mask works as an antioxidant to reduce free radical damage and helps in calming the scalp. Panthenol in the mask also deeply nourishes and the SP Repair Infusion repairs the damaged hair. The smoothness in the hair is evident post the therapy with the roughness and the visible damage being done away with. The service is priced at INR 2000 and the entire process takes about an hour 

The Wella Elements range is a must try and if you are looking at a related service then do give this treatment a try too! :)

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