Sunday, September 25, 2016

My 2 Favourite Cold Pressed Juice Recipes

I need more than just tea/coffee to jumpstart my day and Cold Pressed Juices are my new calling these days. They are not only the freshest thing you can have but also the most nutritious addition to your day. I use the Kent Cold Pressed Juicer for my juices and this video shows you 2 of my favourite recipes that are delicious and nutritious.

Kent as a brand has always focused on creating products that work towards making the world a healthy and a happy place. The Kent Cold Pressed Juicer is the newest addition to their portfolio and I loved my home experiment with it to create my own cold pressed juice recipes. You could get the delicious flavour of every fruit or vegetable much more than the regular juices, and it also gave you far more nutrition due to its unique extraction process which preserves the nutrients and also helps you #GetMoreJuice. It reduced end to end time as you could drink the juice directly without having to strain to separate the roughage, thus also making it a much easier process. Also since I make juices at home for Aryaa, this is a far more more nutritious for her too, and she loves the juices as you saw in the video ;-)

To get complete details on the #KentColdPressedJuicer, check it out here -

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  1. Nice video. Loved it.

  2. These are really easy to make recipes and I am definitely going to try these out. Hope they will be good in taste as well. Thank you for sahring it with us


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