Monday, September 19, 2016

Handmade Lovin'

There is something really special about handmade items. For me the value of something that is handmade is priceless, it's not about what I pay but about what I perceive. Having handcrafted items in my wardrobe gives me immense happiness as they are bespoke pieces that stand out, be it clothes, shoes, or jewellery. Even for my house, I invest in handmade paintings and decor items as much as possible. There is uniqueness and there is love, labour, craftsmanship and time invested into each piece, and those are the main reasons why I support the idea of Handmade Lovin' :) 

India as a country is diverse, and its arts and crafts culture and history is amazing. Every state has varied offerings, and on all my trips I make sure to pick up something that has been influenced by the traditional art of the respective state or area. Apart from these traditional regional arts, there are also many individuals/designers that I have come across that are very talented and create some beautiful works of art using new technology, as well as their learning from the traditional arts. These too figure on my list of go to people for handmade items.

Whenever I pick up something that is handcrafted, it usually is a statement piece. So when I land up wearing it individually or with another statement item, I like to keep the rest of my outfit very basic. Just like in this one where I have paired 2 beautiful handmade items - my bright colourful ghungroo jutis from Rajasthan and Karleo's gemstone earrings, with a basic white top and jeans. There is nothing like a basic outfit to complement special things :)

Jeans - 711 from Levis
White Boxy Top - Jealous 21
Colourful Ghungroo Jutis - Bapu Bazaar, Udaipur, Rajastan
Gemstone Earrings - Karleo

Machine made items have taken over the market, hence we also need to support the arts and crafts culture so that it doesn't die down.

Do you share a similar love like mine for handmade items? If you do, then do share the unique pieces you have with me on my social media listed below. I would love to see your collection :)

Picture Credits: Twinkle Dalal

Location : Renaissance Mumbai Convention Centre Hotel

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  1. Yup..i love handmade too. n ur mojris n earrings are to die for.


  2. Seriously such a lovely handmade. Loved it.

  3. Those handmade earrings look really cute. Though I'm allergic to any metals apart from gold. With that in mind, I wear nothing but gold. I've recently bought awesome gold earrings from website. Shipping was extremely fast!

  4. Such a lovely handmade earrings! It suits you. I always buy earrings online. We can get thousands of lovely designs online.
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