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Twice Beautiful: Gorgeous Design and Stunning Images - The Asus Zenfone 3 - #Z3NCREDIBLEIndia

The need of good camera phones for fashion bloggers is a known phenomenon now! :) So every time a new phone is launched in the market that talks about great camera features, we have to check it out. Asus has got some really good phones with great features especially amazing camera features at affordable price points, and they keep launching new ones all the time. Recently I got to try out the new Asus Zenfone 3 and there are a lot of qualities that make it a great phone to use. The Zenfone 3 is available in 2 variants : 5.2 inch & 5.5 inch. I was sent the 5.2 inch variant. Read on to know more about the phone and what I loved about it.

Stylish and Sophisticated Looks

The phone is gorgeous - sleek, thin, and looks stunning thanks to the front and rear 2.5D contoured Corning Gorilla Glass and metal body with the iconic Zenfone spun finish which I totally fell in love with. I also loved the fact that the wallpaper of the phone absolutely matches its looks thus giving you an illusion of the front being one piece.

For me the way a phone looks make a huge difference, and if there is a metallic element in the design, then it has my heart. The dimensions are 146.87 x 73.98 x 7.69 and the weight is only 144 grams. It's available in 3 colours - Gold, Black and White.

Amazing Camera Features

The Zenfone 3 has a 16MP rear and 8MP front camera. It comes with the PixelMaster camera which has incredible features like 4K Video recording, Optical Image Stabilisation, 4 Axis OIS for steady photographs even if the objects are moving or if one takes images from a car, 3 Axis EIS for steady videos. 0.03 TriTech Auto Focus that enables taking photos even if the object moves far or fast, and a Super Resolution mode than can take pictures at 64MP resolution giving a DSLR like experience.

I especially loved how the night mode and low light mode gave me amazing pictures, and even moving shots taken from the car came so clear.

Here are some pictures that I #ShotOnZenfone3

Auto Mode close up shot

Auto Mode long distance shot

Moving Shot from the car

 Low Light Mode

Night Mode

The tag line "Built for Photography" is true to its every word!

Powerful Processor and Sound

The Zenfone 3 has the world’s first 14nm Snapdragon processor with with 64-Bit Octa-Core CPU @2.0Ghz which is a more powerful processor than what was used in the other versions of Asus earlier but at the same time increases the powering saving by more than 35%.

The latest audio feature embedded in the Zenfone 3 is the 5 magnet speaker for up to 40% better performance and sound quality. For a music lover like me, this is an added bonus. Even with earphones the experience is great which is also thanks to the ASUS SonicMaster 3.0.

One thing that needs to be kept in mind is that the charging port is now USB Type-C 2.0 which is not your regular charging port as every second phone, so make sure you carry your charger/charging cord with you every time when you head anywhere.

Awesome Price

Priced at INR 21,999 this phone is packed with the features that I just told you about along with 3 GB RAM, 32 GB ROM with expandable storage upto 2TB, Dual Sim functionality and 4G LTE compatible, the Asus Zenfone 3 is worth double its price!

Can't wait to buy it? You can get your hands on it on Flipkart!

I am glad to see smartphone manufacturers taking their expertise to the next level with every new phone that they launch and this space is getting quite interesting. Can't imagine what all is in store for us in the future :)

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