Saturday, September 24, 2016

Denimizing our little world with Pepe Jeans London AW '16

I am super excited to inform you that Pepe Jeans London's fashion extravaganza - 'Denim Fashion Week' will be marking its debut in India this month. We were contacted by them for Aryaa and me to be a part of it, thus making this our very first mommy baby outfit collaboration which makes it even more exciting. 

While denims are part of my everyday life, Aryaa is also slowly and steadily becoming more of a denim kind of girl and that makes me really happy coz it is one of the most versatile and comfortable garments that one can own. It was fun putting together our outfits because we managed to match it all completely which made it even more special. Being inspired by the 'Denim Fashion Week' we did a denim on denim look from the AW '16 collection, where the bottoms obviously had to be jeans, which we paired with a lovely yellow numerical t-shirt layered with a denim shirt that had a bohemian vibe to it due to the colourful embroidery on the upper back. We had a lot of fun shooting this, so check it out! :)

Getting directions on the shoot from the daughter!

She loves 'em pockets!

Overall, the women's collection is inspired by the world of Glam Rock where it is all about vintage vibes and character dressing from the Seventies for style inspiration. The kids collection is inspired by the gypsetter way of life which denotes a carefree, jet set but bohemian vibe. All in all, it is a fun collection that you will love and so will your kids. Aryaa refused to stop trying until she had a chance to wear everything in her size! :)

You too should go and check out the nearest Pepe Jeans store for cool offers on the stylish collection during the ongoing Denim Fashion Week!

Picture Credits: Twinkle Dalal

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  1. This is the cutest thing i have seen in a long long time


  2. Wow, you both look so pretty. Loved your style.

  3. Both looks pretty and cool, that is what the true dressing sense means, I would like to share Women fashion boutique


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