Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Here's how to plan a Happy Future! :)

The past and future may seem not connected to most, yet the future on its own is like walking into a dark tunnel. The past lays the foundation for the future and a long and happy life, and a lot of our actions are based on our learnings from the past. Memories for children are very important as it helps develop their sense of security within the family, which in turn makes them more confident to face the world. My parents gave me a very secure past and thanks to them I can pass down the same values to my family. Prateek has been the best surprise of my life and the perfect partner that I could find to spend the rest of my life with. Thanks to him, I also have the most adorable daughter and the future is all about her and maybe more kids in the future. Aryaa's happiness is my priority now and spending time with her which is basically investing into her future, is key.

The future according to me should be planned in fun ways, and this Exide Life Insurance scrapbook is my plan for happiness which has been really fun to put together. With the help of this book and my plans I can then prepare myself financially for the happiness I want to achieve in my longer life ahead. Thanks to the scrapbook, I revisited my memories, got a check on my present and set my key milestones to achieve in the future - Aryaa's all rounded development be it the right education and fulfillment of her wishes, my dream home and travelling to some of the most exotic locations in the world! Being Aryaa's best friend and guide and exploring the world with her is what I am most excited about. The scrapbook has been a fun project about putting these thoughts down so that when she looks back she knows what her mother had in mind - a well planned life for a beautiful tomorrow! Planning for happiness is important because happiness isn't something that we can instantly fulfill unlike joy. We have to work towards it to gain maximum happiness and this is why I have chosen this path.

I know - Mera Kal Khoobsurat Hai just like this couple's -

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