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Gillette Venus #SubscribeToSmooth Challenge - Busting Women's Shaving Myths

It's time for the final update of the Gillette Venus #SubscribeToSmooth challenge and finally it's going to be about all the shaving myths that need to be busted out of our heads. The last time I shared tips and tricks for the perfect shave and trust me if you follow those, shaving can be a real smooth experience for you. Well while this challenge was for a month, I extended it for myself for one more month because I really wanted to see for myself if the myths were actually myths or does prolonged usage of the method of shaving actually prove some myths right. I just didn't realize that it has been two months of just shaving, and so it's all just a mindset change that you need to have. Today I can confidently tell you that I completely support anyone who wants to only shave for the rest of their lives, and that has only happened because I have been able to bust all the myths that I had in my head. So here I am now, to bust them for you too :)

Myth #1: Shaving leaves skin dry and flaky
It is very important to prepare your skin for the process, follow a certain method while shaving as well as take good care of it after you finish. Moisturization is very important before and after. Your pressure too needs to be firm yet gentle enough to cut the hair. If you need to put pressure to shave then it maybe that your razor has a dull blade which will only make you shave the same area multiple times and thus result in irritated and itchy skin thus making skin dry and flaky. If you take care about this then there will be no dry or flaky skin. Remember when you shave, it actually helps your skin become smooth by removing your top layer of dead skin along with the hair :)

Myth #2: Shaving causes hair to grow faster than other methods of hair removal
Shaving in comparison to waxing or epilation causes hair growth faster because it only cuts the hair from the surface level rather than remove from root level, so comparing it to other methods is stupid as far as growth is concerned. Hair growth speed also depends on area of the body, age and even time of the year. Underarm and pubic hair grows about 50% faster than hair on other parts of the body and so that has nothing to do with shaving. Even when I waxed, I had to wax my underarms every two weeks while for hands and legs I headed to the salon only after a month. At a younger age hair growth is faster than when you are older, so you will notice reduction in speed as you grow older. Finally seasons also make a difference. During summers you will notice the fastest growth.

Myth #3: Shaving causes hair to grow darker, thicker and coarser
Whew! Now this one together is a huge myth which most people try to blame collectively on shaving but trust me shaving does not alter hair color, texture or thickness in anyway. Our hair is thicker at the base and tapers towards the top, so when we shave, the thinner part gets sliced away and the remaining hair and initial growth looks thicker and darker than what it was earlier and feels coarser because the tips are sharp. Let the hair grow a little longer if you are worried and you will see that it is in its natural colour and much softer. Hair growth is highly determined by your genetics and hormones and so any hormonal imbalance may cause alterations.

Myth #4: Shaving causes darkening of skin especially underarms
Shaving only cuts the hair and removes the dead layer of skin thus exposing fresh skin which is delicate. A lot of women land up applying creams with harsh chemicals or deodorants immediately post shaving. If these contain chemicals and alcohol, the skin gets irritated and inflammed and causes hyperpigmentation. The underarms are most affected as they are also cut off from fresh air. If care is taken, then darkening will not happen. The ideal thing to do is apply very gentle creams or natural body butters to moisturize.

Myth #5: Shaving causes nicks and burns
If you apply too much pressure with a new razor, the sharpness can cause nicks, cuts and shaving burns. Like I have said earlier, the pressure needs to firm yet gentle. Also if your blade is dull, you will put excess pressure and have the same area multiple times thus causing cuts and burns. Also keep cleaning your razor after every stroke so that its not dirty and thus not giving you a proper shave. Use a good razor like the Gillette Venus one that has three fine blades for a close shave. There is an indicator strip that fades when the blade is losing its sharpness which also contains Aloe and Vitamin E to ease out any kind of skin irritation. Also prepare your skin well before you start shaving to avoid nicks and burns.

Myth #6: Shaving makes a tan fade faster
Tanning doesn't happen at the surface. It happens at the level where your pigment cells are present and is all about generation of melanin to protect you. It is basically a protective layer to prevent any damage deeper within. So when you shave, only the top layer of your dead skin gets removed which actually amplifies the glow of your tan which otherwise could be making you look dull.

So with these myths debunked, I hope you guys too are going to be more enthusiastic about including shaving as one of your main hair removal methods. Get going and get a hold of the Gillette Venus products - the razor(for you to know what the product is all about, head to my post here), cartridges and Satin Care shave gel. These 3 also come in a combo pack and its best used together. Do let me know if you want me to bust any other myths you may have heard of!

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