Thursday, July 23, 2015

Style O2 - Your very own stylist at your fingertips!

Life has become very fulfilling these days. While most of you think that this statement of mine has got to do with motherhood, of course it has, but then that is not what I am talking about here. I am talking about something else that I have gone back to and am extremely content doing - professionl styling for magazines and TV shows and personal styling for my clients. While earlier it used to be more of a word of mouth, I recently came across this amazing app called Style O2 which helps people like us who breathe fashion and need a dose on a daily basis. It is a Social Discovery App that lets stylists like me help people like you make the smartest style and fashion related decisions and not have questions like 'How am I looking?' be something that stresses you out.

You can choose from hundreds of stylists across your city be it fashion stylists, hair stylists, make-up stylists or salons and book their services starting at as low as INR 500/-. See their work, read reviews about them from other users and book the services all through this amazing app. Whether it is an everyday query or if you are looking for a completely new makeover, whether you are new to a city or have a wedding to attend, there are stylists of every kind to cater to your needs. All their details and work is right there for you to check out!

You also have the style feed where you can share tips, work that your stylist has done or ask everyday queries and thus engage in some meaningful knowledge sharing with everyone on the app. While the app is mostly to help you out to look and feel good, you could also put your knowledge to good use and respond to questions asked by other members. It's nice when your advice can come to someone else's use. 

This app is currently available to download for Android and iPhone users throughout India but the stylist services are available only in Mumbai. They will be launching in Bangalore, Delhi, Pune and Kolkata in a very short while. And guess what - for a limited period, they are giving away free vouchers worth Rs. 500 from Enrich Salons on booking any Enrich Stylist in Mumbai through the App on a an Android phone. Sweet, isn't it? Best part - the offer comes with no strings attached. Just download here, go to the offers section, find an Enrich stylist near you and book through the App. Simple! If you are in the other cities, you too can download the app and engage on the style feed or contact stylists for any help if you are visiting Mumbai :) 

There is nothing to think, the benefit is all yours, so head to Style O2 and download the app right away for Android - and for iPhone -

If you have any queries, you can log onto the Style O2 website or drop me a mail on and I will help you through it all :)

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