Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Eat, Blog & Win with Foodpanda this Summer!

I love it when fun campaigns hit the web and even more so when they are from my favourite sites! The latest one is from foodpanda.in, a food delivery website that gives you access to all the restaurants in your area right from the comfort of your home or office, chair or couch or bed(I order my breakfast like that sometimes). They brought about a revolution in the world of food delivery in India and I love the codes that let me save some money on food and spend it on shoes and clothes ;-)

The current campaign being run by Foodpanda is a fun contest that all you foodies who are bloggers can participate in! See how simple it is!

As soon as I saw the topic, I could just think of so much food that I was majorly tempted to log on and order some of my favourite stuff to feast on right away! While I did control my feelings, you guys can go right ahead and order what you think is the most 'Hip' food this summer!

Now here's how all you foodies can go about it!

You can register HERE on Foodpanda to be a part of this! Also do check out the Terms and Conditions by clicking on this link - https://goo.gl/yytSJ1

Al the best foodies! Make me proud! And if you win then let me know! :)

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